Thursday, September 11, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Class Of 2021 Top 25 Player Rankings

The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom featured over 250 players from around the United States and Canada. It was some of the best basketball I saw in a long while. Here are our player rankings for the Class of 2021. These player rankings are just our opinion and should be taken as such. Remember all these young athletes still have a long road ahead of them. 

Future Phenom Camp Class Of 2021 Top 25 Player Rankings 
1. Donnell Harris (Florida) 
2. Zion Harmon (Maryland) 
3. Trey Patterson (New Jersey) 
4. Trey Thomas (Maryland) 
5. Khalil Brantley (Georgia) 
6. Khalil Farmer (Pennsylvania) 
7. Ahmad Harrison (Maryland) 
8. Carlos Alexander (Maryland) 
9. Keon Henderson (Michigan) 
10. Justice Williams (Pennsylvania) 
11. Bryce McGowans (South Carolina) 
12. Brayson Freeman (Maryland) 
13. Ty Wilson (Virginia) 
14. Trevor Keels (Maryland) 
15. Travonne Jackson (Ohio) 
16. Jayden Pierre (New Jersey)
17. George Cutler (Virginia) 
18. Michael Anderson (Pennsylvania) 
19. Malik Jones (Tennessee)
20. Griffin Barouk (Pennsylvania) 
21. Stalin Oaks (Pennsylvania) 
22. Antonio Sanders (Florida) 
23. Chris Kuzemka (Virginia) 
24. Chase Collyer (Connecticut) 
25. Brian Pope (Virginia)