Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp 3 Point Shooting Contest Winners!

Elijah Harris Got Done From 3-Point Range

We added some different contests to the camp to give the players a chance to show what they could do in different areas of basketball. 3-Pointers are about squaring up to the basket, using your legs, and following through on your shot. Each player shot 25 3-Pointers (5 from each spot). The following are the players that showed they had the best stroke from distance during the competition. 

Class of 2019 (Rising 8th Graders) 
Champion: Elijah Harris (North Carolina) 
Runner Up: Carl Gibson (New Jersey) 

Class of 2020 (Rising 7th Graders) 
Champion: James Madill (New York) 
Runner Up: Carter Mahaney (California) 

Class of 2021 (Rising 6th Graders) 
Champion: Zion Harmon (Maryland) 
Runner Up: Griffin Barrouk (Pennsylvania) 

Class of 2022 (Rising 5th Graders) 
Champion: Cameron Johnson (Ohio) 
Runner Up: Antonio Sellers (New York) 

Class of 2023/2024 (Rising 4th/3rd Graders) 
Champion: Jaden Colzie (Pennsylvania) 
Runner Up: Tyson Mobley (Conneticut)