Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Diary Of A Baller: Marquise Walker (Chicago, IL) Entry #3

Marquise and His Teammates

Wassup its Marquise Walker with my diary. 

On Monday I got to Kentucky and I went to the school and meet with Coach Breeze. He is my high school coach for South Warren HS. He introduced me into the school, and showed my dad and I what we had to do to get into the school. I had to get two shots (vaccinations) which did not hurt at all before being able to start school because each state is different. After that it was open gym with the high school players and I did good. I believe I will be doing great this season for the team and fit in nicely with the other players. Then I went to the Waffle House and went to bed. 

The next day was my first day of school at South Warren Middle School. I was really nervous but if I be myself I'll be fine. Everyone at the school were really nice and they are really friendly. I love the way they just took me in and I got with the program so easy. Then after school we had practice and we worked hard. We focus a lot on defense right now. Practice this time of year isn't mandatory but all of our players come that aren't playing other sports. Official practice doesn't start until October 15th. The next day was the same as yesterday but I went to the football game that night which was really fun. 

On Thursday I went to school, and after school we conditioned which was hard and I messed up my shin which is minor. Later that night I went to the high school soccer game which was packed. It was fun hanging out with the varsity and some of my classmates. I had a good time. 

Then on Friday I went to the feast which was fun. This was a fall festival at the elementary school. I went through the haunted house with my friends and we loved it. I even saw some of my friends trying to scare me. 

On Saturday one of my teammates, Day Day Gumm and I went to Western Kentucky to scrimmage against the college players. We did good but it was hard adjusting to the game. They were way bigger and stronger than I or Day Day was. Even though they were 6-8 years older than me I still scored and dropped dimes and handled the ball very well. 

Afterwards we went outside and chilled for a little bit then a couple more teammates came over, Jackson and Cam and we hung out with them. Mike showed up and he let me drive his car in the subdivision, I was so nervous. I showed him I can drive pretty well for my age and I did really good. Sunday I went to Church and gave God a big Thank you for everything he has been doing for me lately. I would not be here if it wasn’t for him. Then I got home chilled for a while and got ready for our open gym. I did pretty well and got the ball to my teammates. Then I got home talked to my dad then my mom and did this diary and went to sleep...............

See You Guys Nest Week!
Marquise Walker