Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Skills Contest Winners!

Gabriel Holder Had The Best Skill Time 

We added some different contests to the camp to give the players a chance to show what they could do in different areas of basketball. Skills are about Shooting, Passing, and Dribbling. We put together an obstacle course similar to what you see during the NBA All Star Weekend. Each player was timed as they went through the Skills Course and the lowest/fastest time won. The following are the players that showed they had the most skills during the competition. The fastest time in the camp overall was Gabriel Holder from Virginia (Class of 2021 Rising 6th Grader) with a time of 21.88 seconds. 

Class of 2019 (Rising 8th Graders) 
Champion: Mark Bradshaw (Delaware) 
Runner Up: Elijah Harris (North Carolina) 

Class of 2020 (Rising 7th Graders) 
Champion: Isaiah Kennedy (Ohio) 
Runner Up: Jeremy Roach (Virginia) 

Class of 2021 (Rising 6th Graders) 
Champion: Gabriel Holder (Virginia) 
Runner Up: Zion Harmon (Maryland) 

Class of 2022 (Rising 5th Graders) 
Champion: Aidan Mahaney (California) 
Runner Up: Jaden Walker (Pennsylvania) 

Class of 2023/2024 (Rising 4th/3rd Graders) 
Champion: Noah Cutler (Virginia) 
Runner Up: Isaiah Marshall (Ohio)