Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One On One Feat. Jalen Brooks (Team RIO National)

Jalen Brooks has been a winner his entire AAU career. He helped his team win the NJ AAU State crown each year he stepped on the floor. Brooks was a guard on the famed Supreme Team last season so he has seen some of the best competition in the country. This season he has joined another group (Team RIO) which will be looking to make history. Can he make a return trip to the AAU National Championship? We caught up with Jalen for some good conversation and here’s what he had to say.

One On One

BS: How did it feel playing for the “Supreme Team” last season?
JB: Although we placed second at nationals, in my heart I know we had the top team in the country. We traveled everywhere and it was cool that everybody knew who we were and wanted to see us. I miss that team.

BS: What are the strong points of your game?
JB: Speed. I use that to be a pest on defense and to push the ball up the floor on offense. I’m also a pretty good shooter.

BS: What aspects of your game do you think needs the most work?
JB: I’m forever a student so I work to improve all aspects of my game and always do my best. My mom tells me when you do your best every day, your best gets better.

BS: Why did you chose Team Rio over other teams that were recruiting you?
JB: I feel like Rio and Metro Flyers are both very talented, well-run programs, but at the end of the day, Rio with their training and the fact that they are based in New Jersey was a better fit for me.

BS: What are your team goals for the season?
JB: I want to help Team Rio win every tournament that we enter, and of course, win the AAU National championship.

BS: What are your individual goals for the season?
JB: I’m going to be a point guard in high school so I want to learn as much about playing the position as possible.

BS: What’s your dream college and why?
JB: Duke University. All they do is win and Coack K is the best.

BS: What’s your best Spotlight moment?
JB: Winning my first Spotlight tourney when I was in sixth grade and being named Spotlight Player of the Year in fifth grade.

BS: I know you are also a good football player, which sport do you prefer and why?
JB: My football team, the Central Jersey Seminoles, placed third in the country at AYF Nationals a couple of weeks ago. I prefer basketball though. I’m a running back in football and those hits hurt (laughing)!

BS: Give us one word to describe Basketball Spotlight
JB: #Intense.