Monday, December 30, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Atiba Taylor (Hackensack, NJ) Entry #5

Atiba Taylor On Christmas Day 

What’s up this is Atiba Taylor Jr. reporting back with another basketball diary entry. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas holiday because I definitely did. I am more than blessed and grateful to have the type of family and friends that I have in my life. 

My Monday was crazy because I didn’t do any X-Mas shopping for anyone until then. I mean when I say I was at the Garden State Mall all day I really was. Some of my family and I went to the mall around 12:00pm and didn’t leave until 12:00am that night no lie. We was in the mall so long my feet was killing me and I was drained just from being around so many crazy shoppers trying to get their last minute shopping in before X-Mas. 

Tuesday my Mom finally got here from Atlanta and I’m always excited to see her when she’s up here. Since I have such a crazy basketball schedule I never have time to go down there but she understands the sacrifices I must take to make my dream come true and I love her for that. I spent the day with my Mom and we did a little more X-Mas shopping. It was weird because the Garden State Mall wasn’t as congested on Christmas Eve like I thought it was going to be. After we finished shopping I went back home. I had a basketball workout scheduled with my trainer but my Dad was still out doing his last minute shopping so I missed my workout. 

Ok finally Christmas is here and I don’t wake up until 2:30 pm LOL. This year we had Christmas at my house in NJ but usually it’s at my grandparent’s house in NY. While waiting on my slow grandparent’s and my uncle Anije to get here I slept. We didn’t start opening our gifts until 4:00pm in the afternoon. X-Mas for me is always good and yes I’m very blessed but I also enjoy giving to others too. I always donate my clothes at least twice a year, once around Christmas time and sometime in the summer to people who need them. After I opened my gifts at my house I went to NY to open gifts with my Mom, my Uncle James, and my grandparent’s. Everyone enjoyed their gifts, which is always a good thing. 

Thursday I chilled with the fam and Friday morning I went to check out my boy Spoon’s basketball game at Seton Hall Prep but he plays for St. Anthony’s freshman team. After the game I went home to help clean up the house and I relaxed for the rest of the day. Over the weekend I got back to my job, which is basketball and was back in the gym. Saturday morning I worked out with my trainer at Gauchos in the BX. I worked out with former NBA great Allen Houston’s son. The workout was intense as usual, and then I went home and relaxed because my team had practice later that night. After a 2½-hour practice going over plays and strategies I was pooped. My bro’s Tyreke and Nazi stayed at the crib after practice. Sunday morning we were back in the gym for practice at 10am and we went back to work getting ready for our huge basketball schedule. Our schedule looks like a 17U schedule with all the traveling we’ll be doing. After practice I went back to NY to spend time with my Mom and grandfather and watched some football. 

Ight ya I guess the next time you’ll hear from me will be next year so everybody have a blessed and safe Happy New Year!!!!!!