Monday, December 16, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Atiba Taylor Jr. (Hackensack, NJ) Entry #3

Taylor Hitting The Books

Hello everybody! I got a chance to get some down time and relax, because I had the week off. Usually, six days out the week I am doing something that involves basketball. I was able to get some things done around the house. I cleaned my bedroom, bathroom and did my laundry. Between basketball and my schoolwork, I rarely get a chance to do what normal kids do. It’s a huge sacrifice and takes a lot of discipline. There are times when I want to blow off my responsibilities and go to a party or the mall with my friends, but then I remember what I want and what’s important to me. 

On Saturday we had a light snowstorm, so my friends and I went out and shoveled our neighbors yards. It was so cold out that my hands kept going numb but we made a couple of dollars. After we were done shoveling, we chilled at my bro’s house, ate pizza and played video games. I’m a beast at Call Of Duty, 2K and John Madden for PS3 (if you wanna get roasted…my gamer tag is Krazzyboy726). Later on, I went home and helped my day shovel our yard and walkways. 

On Sunday basically all I did was complete all my schoolwork. I had a project due in Science on Newton’s Law of Motion. I spent a lot of time on my computer researching and typing. This week I am back to my regular schedule, so my mini vacation is over lol. Basketball season has started for high school so hopefully I can check out some games. You can follow me @atibataylor on twitter and instagram @ege_tiba. 

I normally finish my night off watching ‘The Walking Dead’, but since it’s on a mid-season break that’s a negative. So, I guess I will call it an early night so that I can be focused in the morning (Mondays are rough. 

 Atiba Taylor Jr.