Saturday, December 14, 2013

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 7th Grade Top Performers Part 3

Jon Jon Wilson (Gauchos)

The 7th Grade Division of the Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic had talent galore. Here’s our Part 3 of the top performers.

Tip Off Classic 7th Grade Top Performers Part 3

Jon Jon Wilson Guard (Gauchos)- Wilson continues to show improvements in his game. He saved his best outing for the Orange Division championship when they avenged an earlier loss to the MJ Mavericks. In the finals Wilson led the way with 17 points and 8 assists. Good weekend young fella.

Jullien Crittendon Guard (Gauchos)- Crittendon helped Wilson out with the scoring during the tournament. During their big semifinal showdown against Expression Jullien pumped in a game high 20 points to help the Choz get the win.

KC Ndefo Forward (Gauchos)- Ndefo collected 16 markers against Expressions but made his impact all weekend by blocking shots and hitting the glass. His size was a serious problem for the opposition down in Neptune.

Shamar Florence Forward (MJ Mavericks)- Florence averaged 14 points a contest and used his versatility to get them to the finals. He came out big during the meeting with the Maryland Playmakers where he pumped a game high 17 points.

Joey Baldachino Guard (MJ Mavericks)- RJS didn’t get the memo about guarding Baldachino and it cost them dearly. The outside marksman stroked 3 treys on his way to 18 points while helping them cruise to the victory. Attention: Please don’t leave him open!

Travis Cumber Guard (MJ Mavericks)- The slick point guard got into the scoring column against the Maryland Playmakers. He tallied 17 makers and helped his boys to pull out the win on their way to the finals. He’s one of the best all around guards in the region.

Dyondre Dominquez Forward (Expressions)- Dominquez had an excellent weekend while helping “The X” reach the final four. One of their biggest wins came against Boston rival Team DEMI and he answered the bell with 16 markers. He also hit up Severn Elite with 18 points. This is a kid with the talent to take off in the next few years.

Deveon Ford Guard (Expressions)- Dominguez’s partner also brought his game to the Spotlight. He scored 18 points apiece against Team DEMI and Maryland Playmakers. He makes an excellent 1-2 punch with Dyondre. We look forward to seeing both of them in action again.

Jaysm Gibson Guard (Maryland Playmakers)- Gibson answered Ford’s play when they battled Expressions. This youngster tickled the twine in Hoop Group Headquarters for 5 treys in his Spotlight debut.

Tariq Ingraham Forward (PBC Boys and Girls Club)- The big fella’s team wasn’t that successful but he managed to put together some good scoring games. His best performance came against RJS as he poured in 26 points. In the end he might be one of the best overall prospects in the class when it’s said and done.