Friday, January 7, 2011

One On One Featuring James "Shange" Black (Showtime All Stars)

James “Shange” Black has been on the AAU scene for years. I remember him during my Metro Hoops days as the young energetic coach running the sidelines for the Juice All Stars. Black stepped away from the grammar school scene for a few years then reappeared last season with the Showtime All Stars of Raleigh, North Carolina. We hollered at Black to get some insight on his change of scenery and program status. Here’s our One on One.

One on One

BS: How did a guy coaching in Brooklyn, NY end up running a program in Raleigh, NC?
JSB: Well after Coaching Juice All Stars for some many years & winning the 2006 Div-1National Championship as Assistant Coach For S.Carter Elite I needed a break. I have been coaching from the age of 17 years old to now 31 years old. I moved to Raleigh, NC in 2006 with my cousin Daryll “Showtime” Hill that played for St. John’s Men’s Basketball Team and then played Pro Ball overseas. I took a job at Hedingham Athletic Club & then I met the Love of my Life Lawanda “Nisha” Ross-Black. My wife Nisha pushed me so hard back into coaching. I wanted a break but never got it. Nisha always talked about the things I did with NYC Panthers, Juice All Stars, & S. Carter Elite as a Head Coach & Asst: Coach. My wife always said to me that I have a gift from God with bball to help these kids. I did everything but run my own program. We started to name the program NC Juice All Stars, but after talking things over with my wife we name the program after my cousin and best friend Daryll “Showtime” Hill.

BS: What was your first impression of the talent level in the Raleigh, NC area?
JSB: My first impression was like there’s some talent in Raleigh, NC. But being from NYC and coaching the teams that I have and the talent I seen in this game I knew it would be hard for me with these kids in Raleigh, NC. I also knew what I needed to do with these kids to get them on the level I was use to coaching on, so I lived in the gym with my team’s until they were ready. I knew the 1st two years I would not let them play in Raleigh, NC and go play the best of the best and it paid off for my team’s. I’m so proud of them all.

BS: How did you get them to buy into your New York style of coaching?
JSB: To be real with you, it was hard, and it is still hard because so many people, teams, coaches, & ref: hate on me and talk so bad about me because I’m from NYC. I have done way more than any of these people out here at a young age with Juice All Stars and S. Carter Elite, The basketball world in Raleigh, NC is so diff: out here, they keep these kids here and they don’t go anywhere. The sad part is that there are some good players out here and these people try their best to keep the kids away from me. But being with Juice All Stars & S. Carter Elite I’m use to the hate that comes with this game. I’m blessed to have the group of kids and parents I have on Showtime All Stars. My parents let me do me with their kids. When they are with me, they are my kids. And my kids know its Book B4 Ball. NO GRADE”S AND YOU WILL NOT BE PLAYING.

BS: Why do drive from North Carolina to New Jersey to play in Spotlight events?

JSB: First, because of my friend Mike Melton. I see how hard he works for these kids. Mike has put a lot of work into this bball game. Next, Spotlight Events are the Best Of The Best Players & Teams in AAU Basketball. We enjoy the drive from NC to NJ and my wife really enjoys what they do for the kids.

BS: What’s your most memorable Spotlight moment?
JSB: Wow I have a lot, well my godson Ronshad Allen-Shabazz avg. 20pts per game and earned recognition on the website. The recognition helped him get in school at Princeton Day Academy in Bowie, MD. Also the recognition Jaylin Price received after we made it to the semifinals of the Grand Finale.

BS: What players can we look forward to coming from the Showtime All Stars stable?
JSB: On my 14u Team: Ronshand Allen-Shabazz, Jaylin Price, Lorenzo Jackson, Don Singletary, & Darius Simmons, On my 15u Team: Chase Gower, Pervis Louder, Jonathan Alston, Rontez Allen-Shabazz, Mailk Fowler, & Jamie Rucker, On my 16u Team: Chris Clegg, Kameron Maye, Shyquan Long, Deshawn Griffin, & Darius Evans.