Friday, January 14, 2011

Basketball Spotlight 11U Quarterly Report

We are going through the first part of the AAU season and it’s our job to keep you guys informed. Therefore we decided to release our quarterly reports. This report will inform on what’s going on in the Basketball Spotlight world.

Basketball Spotlight 11U Quarterly Report

Hottest Team: NYC Gauchos
Coach Wee’s bunch made an early statement by winning the Grand Finale. Some of the top teams in the region were present but The Choz stood with the banner in the end. Another tournament title might make them a lock for Summer Slam.

Surprise Team: We Run
They stepped out as an independent squad this season and made some early noise. The made a final four run at the Grand Finale, won the Playtime tournament and are deep into the Elite Takeover playoff action.

M.I.A. Team: Playtime Panthers are the defending NJ Champs and I haven’t seen them lace it up yet. I know there has been some player movement but I know we should get a look at these guys pretty soon.

POY Front Runner: Markquis Nowell Gauchos:
This kid can really go and don’t be surprised if he’s in the thick of things when POY honors are announced later this summer. He stuffs the stat sheets and knows how to win. He led this group to the Grand Finale title.

Surprise Player: Jalen Brooks We Run:
Brooks has been a scoring machine during this early season. He averaged double figures while leading We Run to a Final Four finish at the Grand Finale. He is currently in the tight race for POY. Right now it’s too close to call as this group is just beginning to shape up.

Current POY Candidates List
Cameron Wynter (Riverside Hawks)
Zedrek Farrell (Riverside Hawks)
Atiba Taylor (Gauchos)
Markquis Nowell (Gauchos)
Duke Cameron (PWC)
Jalen Brooks (We Run)
Fahmir Ali (Delaware Royalty)
Kenny Jones (We Run)
Nasir Dowling (T Town Ballerz)
Judah McIntyre (Fastbreak Basketball)
Jordan Taylor (Natural Ballers)