Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Malachi "Shoota" Richardson (Trenton, NJ) Entry #17

What's Up Everybody! It's the "Shoota" coming at you.

Last week was a decent week for me. Monday I missed school because of the FunSport championship game. We didn't get home until 1:30am, I was still hyped up from playing in the Garden and winning the championship, I didn't fall asleep until like 3:00am. My parents didn't go to work and I didn't go to school. That's not a bad thing at all..lol.. I slept until noon on Monday, after I ate my lunch I checked my book bag and school supplies to make sure I had everything ready to go back to school from the winter break; after that I just chilled for the rest of the day. Tuesday I got caught up on the assignments that I missed on Monday, which wasn't too bad I don't like to have any missing assignments. Later that day I went to the local Y and worked on my pull up jump shot and dribbling skills with my mom. Well it was really all me, she just sat their and watched as I did what I had to do...lol... Wednesday was the best day ever. My BIRTHDAY. I was so thankful for reaching 15 years in this world, and hopefully their are many more to come. Yes I'm 15, finally. For my birthday I got some new clothes, money and a laptop. Thursday we had a Team Final workout, we did our normal dribbling and shooting drills.

Friday, I had a quiz in social studies I got an A. The 8th grade student council at my school requested two hours of study hall be added to our schedule, Mr. Lynch our principal had no problem granting the request, it's cool with me because I use those two hours during school to study and finish my homework. Friday night I just relaxed, and got myself ready to go back to NY for the Funsport League allstar game, and to collect our trophies from the Chip at the Garden. Even though it snowed Saturday morning we still headed up to NY. My mom watched the weather channel and found out that it didn't snow at all in NY, it snowed more in the Philly, and Delaware area. My boy Fresh rode with us, because of the bad snow in his area. It was a good allstar game, my team won. I was pretty happy about that, we were down by 16 and came back and won and I won the mvp. After the game my mom and dad decided that we would take our team's trophies, sweatsuites, hoodies, and converse bags back with us so Mr. Rivers wouldn't have to mail them. It was a really tight squeeze in our truck. After putting all that stuff in our truck Fresh and I still had to put our bags and sneakers in there too. We managed, and we got back home safely. Since it was a little late Fresh stayed the night at my house. We listened to music and ate some good pizza..lol.. The next morning, my Dad cooked us a big breakfast. After we ate we chilled and then I had to go to a school game which we won by double figures.

After my school game we went back to my house to watch the eagles and get our grubb on. Yes the eagles lost, but so what. it's basketball season so it doesn't matter...lol.. Yea Fresh was throwing it in my face about the eagles losing but oh well I dealt with it. I thought everybody from Philly was an eagles fan, but I guess not. His parents picked him up after the game, after he left I laid down and relaxed for the night.

Catch you next week