Monday, January 24, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Lamarr "Fresh" Kimble (Team Final) Entry #14

Hello Basketball World. It’s your boy "Fresh" coming back at you to tell you about my weekend. First I just wanna say I’m sorry to everyone an especially Basketball Spotlight for not letting you know about my weeks. Now I will tell you about my week. This week was mainly about preparing myself for the Clash For The Cup at Hoop Group.

On Monday, I stayed in the house and mainly did of push-ups, sit-ups, calf raises, and squats. Basketball is a very mental game but, being physically ready is a whole other story. On Tuesday, I had a middle school game. We won by 30, the whole team played good even the younger kids which is nice to see. On Wednesday, after school I went to the barbershop real quick to get a lite philly fade. LOL.. Then after that I went the recreation center to go play ball with the old heads. They always pick me up even though I’m the youngest because I always show them what I can. On Thursday, I had a middle school game and Team Final practice. For our school game we played against the Hun school. We ended up winning by 31 and I had 18 points and like 5 assist. We all played good that game even though we were undersized. At Team Final practice everybody was more focus than ever to get prepared for this tournament and hopefully bring some hardware back home.

On Friday we had the day off of school because the semester is changing. Team Final had practice and it was mostly about conditioning and going over some simple things. On Saturday, we had a little scrimmage against are younger Team Final. I just love the way they fight so hard and battle. Later on, I stayed over my second family house with Rex and Tyheem. Me and Tyheem stayed up for little bit and was watching some clips of the top high school players in the nation. Like Austin Rivers, Michael Gilchrist, and Myck Kabongo. On Sunday, Team Final had practice at Villanova. We were able to see some of the players working out and things like that. I was happy to see and shake hands with the player I play like (Corey Fisher). That practice was about going over the little things and getting comfortable with the offense. Later on, the team went to the Neumann Goretti vs. Roman Catholic. It was a good game the whole game with a lot of are older Team Final players going at each other. But Lamin Fulton opened the game up for Neumann with a lot of three pointers. Neumann Goretti came out on top 70 to 62. Til next time remember "Basketball is 70% mental and 30% physical". Stay tuned for more from Lamarr "Fresh" Kimble.