Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Blair "Fresh" Howard (CBC) Entry #4

What’s happening everyone? This ya boy “Fresh” back at you again! Before I start I just want to apologize for not checking in with yaw every week, and I’m going to try to not let it happen again.

But yea about I’m weekend my team (CBC) and I had a tournament up in Mass (Jr. Hoop hall classic) and we lost the semi-final game to Xpressions again. In the beginning of the game we hopped out on them, and the score was 15 to 2. By the second half they were up by 6. We had them on the ropes until we started slacking on defense and wasn’t getting back. It was a hard fought game and I was really mad that we lost. They are a really good team (shout out to my boy Chris Baldwin and Juwan Gooding), but we will see them again though no doubt. I would love to see them matched up with Team Final (Trevaughn Wilkerson and Lamar Kimble), that would be a good game!

In terms of school, my basketball team is 2-1. We lost to this team Sage Park by 2. The score was 74-72 and I had 43 points with like 6 turnovers. In the 4th quarter I hit a deep three ball to tie it up with 1:50 left and I screamed BUCKETS to the other coach and I almost got a tech. I was lucky that I got a warning instead. After I hit the three, their point guard came down and laid it up with under a minute left. Then I got the ball, they trapped me so I gave it to our shooting guard, he went for a lay-up and missed because he was fouled but they didn’t call it so we lost. But it’s what ever, we have a game Tuesday against Sports and Science Academy and my boy Coop goes there. He’s always talking junk so I’m about to go in on them and show him what CBC is about.

In terms of school I received my report card about 4 weeks ago and my grades were a B in Science a B+ in History a B+ in Art History a B in Math a C in English and I’m not doing to good in Spanish, I need to pick my grade up. Lately I’ve been getting a little taller so I have been trying to do a lot of push-ups and work on my handle.

Before I slice I just want to give a shout out to ma little brother Jaecee, he play with 12u CBC and he had a triple double 13 points 17 assists and 10 steals according to bballspotlight. I’m proud of you bro keep it up.

Iight yaw!!!
Imma holla at yaw next week with more of my weekend