Monday, January 24, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Otis "The General" Livingston (NJ Got Game) Entry #15

What’s up everyone?

It’s “The General” again with another entry.

There’s nothing really as far as school goes. We’re just reviewing some material for mid-terms. I’m really excited to do the mid-terms because I know what’s going to be on it and I am studying also. There was nothing really as far as basketball during the week except for a basketball practice on Friday and the MLK Classic on the weekend.

The Got Game practice was for review for our two new big men Ahmad, and Keyaire. Shout out to them for coming in and working hard for their first tournament with us. We worked on the press and went over a lot of our plays. Coach Wilson and Coach Claudio stressed the spacing of our plays because if we didn’t space out the plays they simply cannot work. The whole team went hard in anticipation of the tournament.

Actually, my weekend started off with a school game against a tough West Orange team. We were missing two of our best players but that is no excuse. We lost our first game in two years. We couldn’t rebound, we couldn’t make a shot and they were hitting their shots. But it’s okay, we will go back to the drawing board and see them again in the playoffs or championship hopefully. After that game I had to rush over to Neptune for our first MLK Classic game against The Devils from South Jersey. We dug ourselves a hole but then went on a 19-0 run to cut it down to 1 point. Eventually we had to start fouling so we lost the game by one. That is a lesson we all learned, not get down in a hole. Coming back also showed that we had heart instead of folding and giving up. We played Long Branch after that and won by 55 points. We executed well and kept the energy throughout the whole game.

Then was the game we were all waiting for, Got Game vs. Hoop Nation. As some of you know, our big man Jameer left us and went to Hoop Nation so it was a vendetta game. LOL. It was very personal and there was a lot of talking back and forth. Everyone’s energy was up and we all played hard. We were down 6 at half time. We needed to get more offensive boards because they were pushing it out on us and scoring. Shout out to Jordan who had a couple big boards throughout the game. Late in the game we got a lot of steals off the press and converted them into baskets and finally took the lead. We got a lot of second chance rebounds as well. We made foul shots at the end of the game to extend the lead and won by 10 points.

We had a little rest then we had to play the Linden Ballers. Every time we play them it’s a battle. It was pretty back and forth throughout the game they were hitting their shots and we were hitting our shots. We got a lot of defensive rebounds and push outs. We also got a lot of steals off of the press. In the 2nd half we played bad defensively and they got easy buckets. We went cold shooting so we had to bang it inside. We were missing easy layups and they were not. We ended up losing by 6 points. I was very mad after the game because of how hard we played the first game to get there. We simply were not there the 2nd game but we will keep practicing and working hard. It won’t take long and our new teammates will learn our plays and next time we play it will be easier for them.

That’s it for this week, tune in next time.
The General is OUT!