Monday, January 31, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Malachi "Shoota" Richardson (Trenton, NJ) Entry #18

Week Of 1/16-1/22

What's Up Everybody!

It's the "Shoota" coming at you. My week at school was pretty cool and quiet, we have a few more weeks until the semester is over, I'm looking forward to that. I'm still on course to make honor roll again, I'm putting in the work so I do expect good results. I was accepted into one of the high schools that I applied to, I had the second highest score on the entrance exam so I was awarded a academic scholarship; my parents were really happy about that. Once I get everything back from the admission offices from the other high schools, then my parents and I will decide which high school I will attend. I know it's gonna be a tough decision, but we want to make the right decision not just for basketball but academics as well.

Its official I got my first DUNK in a game. On Sunday, during my school game I got a steal and my first dunk. My mom was suppose to video tape it, she had the video camera ready, she said she saw me get the steal at half court and then held the camera up, but pushed the wrong button. I was a little upset, but not really because I know there's more to come, having the first one on video would have been nice though.

Monday and Tuesday Fresh, Malik, and I worked out with Coach Fresh and Coach P, everybody else had school games. We did a lot of shooting and we worked on our footwork. Coach P told me my footwork has gotten a lot better, he always says to be a great shooter you must have good foot work. Wednesday, I went to my local Y, got some shots up and worked on my ball handling. I played in a few games with the older guys too, just trying to go up and down a little bit.

Thursday we had our Team Final practice, we ran our first drill and Coach P could tell some of us were a little winded, he was pissed off about that. We haven't had a full team practice in about 2 weeks, because some players had school games, he said not having practice for 2 weeks shouldn't be an excuse to be out of shape; he told us after your school practice you could run some suicides and sprints to stay in shape, he is absolutely right. The rest of practice was good and everybody was working hard. Our practice on Friday and Saturday was even better, everybody is really focused and getting ready for our next tournament. I have to give a shout out to Manny who came over to Team Final, once he gets used to how we do things I think he can definitely help us.

We had practice at the University of Villanova on Sunday morning; we were in the practice facility not the rec center. The lobby area is really nice they have their championship trophies in there and on the tv monitors they were showing highlights of their recent game against Syracuse. Coach P's Louisville squad won the national championship the year after Villanova won theirs, he made sure he let everybody know Some of the players were in the weight room working out, when they were finished, a few of them came in the gym and introduced themselves to us. Our practice was good and again everybody was working hard. After our practice we went to watch Roman Catholic and Neumann-Goretti play. I got a chance to see my boys Shep Garner and Rashann London play. It was nice to see some of the parents also, Ms. Kim, Ms. Ursula, Ms. Omega, and Coach Shep. The gym was packed, and it was a good close game; Neumann-Goretti pulled it out at the end.

Sunday night I fell asleep during the first half of the Jets game, oh well....I'm an Eagles fan

Catch up with me next week!