Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Basketball Spotlight 14U Quarterly Report

We are going through the first part of the AAU season and it’s our job to keep you guys informed. Therefore we decided to release our quarterly reports. This report will inform on what’s going on in the Basketball Spotlight world.

Basketball Spotlight 14U Quarterly Report

Hottest Team: Team Final

Few can argue about this selection. They took home the Grand Finale crown among others and look like they are poised for a few more titles. This veteran group has figured out how to get wins regardless of the obstacles. Others in the hunt: Team Scan/KYDA and Philly Aztecs

Surprise Team: F.A.C.E.S.

I didn’t think these guys would be ready this quickly. Sergeant Cole has the troops ready for battle as shown by a finals march during the Grand Finale. They have to be considered a serious threat from this time forward.

Stumbling Start: The City

The City hasn’t been off to their normal great start this season. Many of their top players are playing frosh ball and it definitely has affected their early chemistry. The whole crew should be back together soon and things should be clicking.

M.I.A. Team: NYC Gauchos

I haven’t seen or heard much from this group after visiting their gym in September. Coach Science is headed into retirement so it will be very interesting to see what happens with this squad in the spring. Others squads that have been on the low, Team Rebels, Expressions, Long Island Lightning and CBC.

Surprise Player: Isaiah Briscoe (Team Scan)

This kid has taken his game to another level. He stuffs the stat sheets and has the swagger of an elite player. Let’s see if he can keep this up the entire season but right now you can throw his name in the POY talk.

POY Front Runner: Lamarr Kimble

It’s easy to take the reigning POY for granted because of the talent around him and his track record of success. But this season he is still getting it done on a high level. He led his team to the Grand Finale crown and a bunch of preseason titles. We will what else is on the horizon.

Current POY Candidate List
Marcus Floyd (Philly Aztecs)
Devin Leggions (Philly Aztecs)
Lamarr Kimble (Team Final)
Trevaughn Wilkerson (Team Final)
Malachi Richardson (Team Final)
Juwan Gooding (Albany Dream Team)
Isaiah Briscoe (Team Scan/KYDA NY)
Nassir Barrino (Team Scan/KYDA NY)
Austrian Robinson (Team Scan/KYDA NY)
Chris Atkinson (Team Scan/KYDA NJ)
Donovan Mitchell (The City)
Tavon White (Team Rebels)