Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Malachi "Shoota" Richardson (Trenton, NJ) Entry #14

Week 1

What's Up Everybody! It's the Shoota coming at you, this week I'll be letting you know how my last two weeks were. Well, my last day of school was Tuesday before Christmas. My plan for the rest of the week was to practice with my team, and get some individual work in, but on Wednesday I went to the local Y to get a run in and I hurt my groin. This older guy who couldn't guard me pushed me from behind and I landed a little awkward, I kept playing because it really didn't hurt. Thursday we had Team Final practice I was a little tight before practice but once we warmed up I felt really good, and I had a really good practice. When I got up Friday morning, my groin was really sore and tight. I knew I had to shut it down, so for me it was no basketball for the next few days. I iced my groin and just relaxed through Monday.

My Christmas was nice. I spent time with my family and I ate good. On Christmas eve my mom always let us open one gift, I had a real big box that I wanted to open. All week my mom kept telling me they didn't have my size in the store so I had to order them online but they are on back order. She said hopefully I get them before Christmas, so I was a little surprised when I opened that box and it was the polo boots I wanted..lol Christmas morning I don't get up real early anymore, I didn't get up until I smelled somebody cooking breakfast, it was my dad cooking us a big breakfast. After breakfast I opened the rest of my gifts, I got clothes, money, a android phone, my boots, my usual new pjs, hat and gloves.

We finished celebrating Christmas at my grandmom's house. My Uncle David and his friend Chanel came in from Baltimore, and the rest of the family from the area came over too. My grandmom's house was packed. It was cool because all my gifts from my grandmom's house was money and more money...lol. My grandmom had all kind of food to eat, the one cake that she makes that I love is her 7up cake and I love her mac & cheese. After everybody ate and opened up the gifts, we have a family tradition that we do, we play bingo. The winnings always include a couple of gag (fake money) gifts, this year the prizes were $50 gift cards from Old Navy and Footlocker, $10, $25, $50 and $100. It gets real serious especially when it's time to win some money. Me and my sister decided to split our winnings if one of us wins. My mom and dad did the same thing. My sister won some money first she won $10 so we split that, I was hyped after that; then I won $25 we split that and we didn't win anymore. My mom won $100 at least she thought she won, she pulled it out the envelope and started to show everybody but it was nothing on the back of it, she threw it on the table and said it's not real. Everybody was happy it wasn't real...lol. now we had another chance to win. Chanel won the gift card from footlocker, and everybody told her don't come here and win everything like you did two years ago. My cousin Monique won all the money last year, since she was a college student everybody didn't mind her winning cause they said she needed it....lol. Chanel won the $100, she kept $50 and gave $50 back for somebody else to win, everybody was happy. My mom won the last $50 she was happy, but she didn't want to split it with my dad..lol I think she did though. We stayed for another hour or so then we went to my other grandmom's house (more money). We watched the Lakers game other there, I love the Lakers but I couldn't watch the whole game, I didn't think the game would go like that. Later that night me and my boy Naz Chew went to the movies, it was packed we were there for about an hour, the police came in and told everybody they had to leave. The movie wasn't even over, they cleared the building all 24 theatres. We didn't know what was going on and we didn't stay to find out. We went over to the Uno's and got something to eat and wait for our ride.

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