Thursday, January 13, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Otis "The General" Livingston (NJ Got Game) Entry #15

What’s good people?,

It’s “The General” back at you.

This week was a good one as far as the classroom went. In math I got a 100 on a quiz which was fairly difficult. In science we had a test on weather covering cumulus clouds and hurricanes. I got a 92, but I know I should’ve done better. I also got two 92’s in social studies on ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Right now we’re reviewing the material for mid- terms which are at the end of the month. I’m looking to get 95’s and higher. Or else I won’t be allowed back in the house!

As far as basketball goes, it was hard to get to the gym some days because we were snowed in and places weren’t open. So I did some dribbling drills and physical workouts around the house and watched a lot of basketball on the tube. I feel like some of the work is starting to pay off because I notice I’m jumping higher in the game and finishing more plays and getting And 1’s. Being the smallest player on the court, I have to get stronger and continue to play tough. This week I was looking forward to the IS8 league games, and the league at Hudson Catholic High School. I’ve heard about IS8 for years and am excited to get my chance to play in it.

Of course on Saturday the IS8 league game was cancelled. I was mad but just rested until Got Game practice. We went over our plays and did a lot of shooting drills. Coach Claudio stressed that we had to be ready to face the Linden Ballers the following day. They are a team that we have always had trouble with. We started off the game against a little slow and sluggish. They were playing a zone so we ran our motion offense and just swung the ball around the perimeter. Unfortunately, our outside shots weren’t falling. It was close all game and I didn’t do my job to bring home the W so we ended up losing by 2 points. I take a lot of the blame cause I didn’t make enough plays. I didn’t take enough shots. We all made mistakes and we will just continue to keep working like we always do.

After the game I went down to Kean University to watch the St. Patrick’s-St. Benedicts game. It was a good game with St. Pat’s leading most of the way. I was looking at the guards Jerrel Lane and Chris Martin from St. Pats, and the point guard from Canada for St. Benedicts named Tyler Ennis. They all play under control and they get the job done. St. Pats won the game by 15. Next week we’ll be playing in the MLK tournament. I’ll let you know how we did in my next entry…