Monday, October 11, 2010

Word On The Street: Mergers Everywhere Baby!

A lot of things are going on around the AAU world right now. So we decided to hit a couple of our sources and bring you another “Word On The Street”. Remember most of this information is not concrete as of yet but mostly from the rumor mill.

One DC Assault?

My sources from the Potomac Valley have told me that DC Assault will be bringing both teams together this season for a powerful 13U squad. If this is true the guard trio of Cowan, Gardner and Moore would be one of the best backcourts in America. This would also get them a serious shot of taking home their first Spotlight crown this season.

CBC Takeover?

Connecticut Basketball Club has started a move to become one of the grammar school big dogs of New England. Their 12U squad has added some serious pieces including Azur Swain and Keonte Lucas. Their 14’s now sport Derrick Boyd and Josh Malone among others. I guess Coach Hatchett is ready to start his Walmart.

Philly Aztecs Has Flash?

The word from the City Of Brotherly Love is that the Philly Aztecs have brought in Flash 13U program. This will be interesting because now Stevie Jordan will be team up with Jabri McCall and promising big man Khalir Johnson. I also hear they have another promising prospect that will be released on this 13U squad.