Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Basketball Spotlight Season Preview: Carolina 13U Preview

Can The Ravens Handle Being The Hunted?

The basketball season has arrived and Basketball Spotlight will kick things off with our season previews. We decided to do breakdown each AAU district by age or area and give you an inside look to some of the teams. Here’s look at the Carolina’s 13U Division. We understand that these teams don’t play in the same AAU district but as we see more teams from this area our previews will expand next season. (Remember some things can change because no rosters are set.)

Team To Beat: South Carolina Ravens

The Reigning National Champs walk on the court with a certain swagger. But when your roster possesses top players Keenan Black and Seven Woods you are capable of beating anyone. This season they will have to walk around with a huge target on their backs. Can they handle the heat? Basketball Spotlight will be watching!

Dark Horse: Team Felton:

We didn’t get a chance to see the real Team Felton after Mike Buckland went down with a season ending arm injury. The point guard runs the show and loves feeding arguably the top player in the country in youngster Harry Giles. Jalek Hamilton is a defensive specialist and field in at the point when Buckland went down.

Preseason Player Of The Year: Harry Giles (Team Felton)

It’s still early but with the correct work ethic and development this kid could turn out to be something special. Right now he’s about 6’5 but can handle the rock on the wing. His body is developing like a young colt and when it all comes together expect an explosion.

Emerging Star: Seven Woods (SC Ravens)

After the 12U Nationals Woods was launched in the national spotlight. This youngster has cat quick moves and unbelievable athleticism. During the tournament he grew more comfortable running the team from the point position. We will be watching to see how he develops this season.

Preseason Carolina 1st Team
Harry Giles (Team Felton)
Keenan Black (SC Ravens)
Seven Woods (SC Ravens)
Raekwon Long (QCAA)
Mike Buckland (Team Felton)

2nd Team
Jayce Wolfe (CC 1st)
Jalek Hamilton (Team Felton)
Jarvis Johnson (SC Ravens)
Ty Graves (SC Ravens)
Kenneth Gorham (Carolina Flight)

3rd Team
Cameron Woodyard (Carolina Flight)
Matt Cone (SC Ravens)
Jeremy Spencer (Carolina Flight)
Matthew Morgan (QCAA)
Cedarius Dockery (Team Felton)

Next Stop: Midwest Preview

Note: This is only our preseason look we know there will be many other players emerging before the season ends. Keep working hard youngsters!