Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Otis "The General" Livingston (NJ Got Game) Entry #7

What’s good Hoopheads?,

This week was a good week. I got a lot of quizzes back and I was pleased with my scores. On Monday I got my Language Arts test back, and I got a 91. I made a couple of mistakes, but each problem was worth so much that one wrong answer cost a lot. I got my Science quiz back on Thursday, and I got a 96. I studied hard and it showed. In math I got a 92 on my quiz. Once again I only missed two problems, but each one was worth 4 points. In Language Arts we have a big project due Nov 2nd so I gotta get crackin’ on that. I have a district test on Friday, and a Science test on Wednesday and I’ll let you know how I do on both of those.

In between studying I worked out in my backyard. I did a lot of physical workouts this week. Getting stronger is an important part of my game because I like to penetrate the defense and get to the basket and draw contact. This year players are going to be bigger and I need to be able to play strong and finish off plays. I also shot a lot in my backyard. My dad was away in Texas covering the Yankee’s game so it was just me working on my shot. I worked on floaters so I can get inside with the trees and float it over them. I also worked on my midrange shooting.

On Saturday I had my first NJ Got Game practice of the year. I was excited on the way to practice because we were going to see our new coach. Our new coach got there late so while we were waiting we worked on plays and shell defense with Coach Claudio. When our new coach walked in I was soooo surprised. I’m pleased to announce that our new coach is…Coach Pete! He came back because he wanted to finish off what he started. Everyone on the team is happy and excited. Shout out to Coach Pete for coming back and helping us get better. This should be a very good year for us.Sunday we didn’t have our Zoo Crew game so I went to Coach Pete’s workout. We learned a lot of lessons about paying attention to details. Unfortunately, the consequence for not paying attention to details is running, and we ran a lot!

On Monday we didn’t have school so my family and I went to the Baird Center (that’s our town’s recreation center). My Dad and I ran 6.5 miles! My Mom and brothers ran too, just not as far. My great grandmother sat in a chair and watched us all go round and round. Running builds up my stamina and I find it fun for some reason. I was very tired but after that we walked over to the basketball courts and had a little workout. My dad and brother were both guarding me because I was working on getting double teamed and working on moves to counter the double team.

Well, that’s my week in a nutshell. I’ll check back with ya next week.

Otis “The General” Livingston Jr.