Monday, October 18, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Lamarr "Fresh" Kimble (Team Final) Entry #6

Hello Basketball World Its your boy "Fresh". This week was the start of something new. Well Monday Team Final had a game, we lost by 5 because we played horrible defense. I like this league because we're playing up and it gives me all kind of challenges. It brings out the good and bad in me which gives me a different outlook of the game. Shout out to Malichi, he was hot with the threes. We gotta show my boy some more love. Tuesday, we had practice and things are really getting intense because the new ball handling and conditioning drills are no joke. Seems like everybody has one mind set and that is to get better. Wednesday, I didn't touch the ball because I had a project to start for school. Thursday was Team Final practice after drills we ran 4 0n 4 we were going in with the JV and Varsity. I like when we do that because it prepares me to play against older players because it helps me learn how to take more contact.

Friday I came home after school and worked on my project and played a little bit of Mafia 2. Saturday was my nephew birthday shout out to DYHEIR. He had his 4 birthday party but I missed it because Team Final had a game in N.Y. The league is called Fun Sport. This league will give us the chance to play against team we might not usually play against. We played against Abyssinian Church, we won 61-39 it was a good game not because we won but because we played as a team on offense and defense. After the game, Malik Ellision and I went to my house and played 2k11 all night. Best out of 5 but, in the end you know who won. Sunday we got up and ate some Cinnamon Toast Crunch and went back to playing the game. After he got tired of me winning in 2k I gave him a crash course in Mafia 2. Til next week remember THERE'S NO I IN TEAM.

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