Monday, October 25, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Blair "Fresh" Howard (CBC) Entry #2

Hello basketball world this the kid Blair “Fresh” Howard and this is my second diary entry for Basketball Spotlight. This week was a good and exciting week for me. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was helping my coach out with conditioning the little kids. After that it was free gym at the Boys and Girls Club and I put a couple hundred shots up.

About school I have been picking my grades up to all B’s and one A so I can stay on top of my game, if I cannot produce in school I cannot produce on the court. School is my main priority right now because I want to make it to college and play ball for a D1 school. I cannot accomplish that if my grades are not right. I also want to make my coach, my parents, my family, and my friends happy. It is all starting now that’s why I am getting prepared for it by becoming more mature in the class and the court.

Thursday, I finished my homework as soon as I got home because I had to workout with my father for 3 hours. We were working on IQ (my weakness), my jump shot, my handle, and my passing. At home I work on getting stronger and jumping higher because my father has workout room in our house. Every day I do 200 push-ups, 130 sit-ups, and 200 toe raises. After that I’m done then I take a shower and just chill while playing 2k.

I repeat this workout on Tuesdays and Thursday’s because most of the time I’m at the Boys and Girls Club in Hartford playing ball and doing homework. My coach is the gym instructor there so me and my team always working on something in the gym. With basketball season coming up, it’s important to go into the season in great shape…all we do is run teams out the gym. Also, I might be going to a camp next weekend, so I want to have a great showing there.

But until then I will keep doing good in the class and going hard on the court. I will keep ya’ll posted and I will holla at yaw next week!!!

Iight, “Fresh” out!