Monday, October 11, 2010

One On One Featuring Nassir Barrino (Playaz)

Nassir Barino comes from a serious bloodline of basketball. His predecessors helped Shabazz High School hang several banners in the Doghouse. Now Barrino is carrying on the legacy by torching opponents and also winning titles. We got a chance to sit down with him at the Gauchos Round Ball and here’s our One on One.

One On One

BS: What school do you attend?
NB: Good Sheppard Academy (Irvington, NJ).

BS: Who’s your favorite player?
NB: Lebron James because he’s physical, aggressive and plays the game very strong.

BS: What’s the strongest part of your game?
NB: My defense and scoring.

BS: What part of your game needs the most work?
NB: My basketball IQ.

BS: What’s your dream college?
NB: Villanova, because I love the way they let their guards play.

BS: What was your best game?
NB: When I pumped in 30 against Youth Interlock.

BS: How do you feel about the Basketball Spotlight events?
NB: I love it because the competition is great.

BS: Who’s the best 8th Grader in the region?
NB: I feel I am because I have the game and the push behind me.

BS: What famous person would you love to have dinner with?
NB: Kobe Bryant he’s a good influence.

BS: What are your career goals?
NB: To play in the NBA.