Monday, October 11, 2010

Basketbull Columbus Day 14U Championship Recap: Expressions Protect Their Home Turf

Expressions Wears The Crown

Juwan Gooding scored a game high 15 points as Expressions defeated Team Scan 50-48 to win the Basketbull Columbus Day Classic 14U Championship.

Top Performers

Juwan Gooding Guard (Expressions)- Gooding is a prolific scorer without a conscious. He’s capable of getting to the tin at will but also has range to pull the trigger near half court. He launched one deep trey well beyond NBA range that kiss off the glass for a huge bucket. This kid can really fill it up.

Chris Baldwin Forward (Expressions)- I must admit Baldwin showed me a lot more toughness against TS. He held his ground on the blocks and used his 6’6 frame to score off the high low pass. In this one he didn’t waste any time roaming the perimeter instead he went to his bread and butter on the blocks.

Aaron Mclean Forward (Expressions)- The wiry forward also showed me a lot of game. He maneuvered on the high post and feed Baldwin for several buckets. He also was relentless on the glass and made Team Scan pay for their small line up or lack of boxing out. He’s a top notch athlete.

Donovan Love Guard (Expressions)- The lefty handled TS’s pressure and made some key plays down the stretch. He gets up high on his pull up jumper which allows a clean look for the most part. He does need to tighten up his ball handling but that should come with maturity.

Justin Salem Guard (Team Scan)- Salem started the game off knocking down a few spot up jumpers. He’s very effective when he catches the rock in rhythm but needs to work on shooting off the bounce. He’s definitely a zone buster.

Chris Atkinson Guard (Team Scan)- Atkinson turns the corner in blur and has the leaping ability to finish off plays. I believe he has take over the game potential but sometimes lets the defense off the hook by not attacking. There’s not many as quick as this kid.

Bobby Martin Jr. Forward (Team Scan)- Martin showed flashes off his oozing potential. He has a decent up and under move that he used to convert a couple of baskets. He’s still a baby but once he gets control of his body it will be curtains for the opposition.

Austrian Robinson Forward (Team Scan)- Robinson was a rebounding machine as soon as he entered the game. He gave TS a serious boost by getting inside position and beating the Expression players to the ball. I also like his baby hook he uses in the lane.