Sunday, October 17, 2010

Funsport Junior Pros Recap: Saturday Top Performers

Juwan Gooding Had Another Big Day!

Basketball Spotlight took our annual trip to Funsport in Brooklyn, NY. We got a chance to check out some talent from the Tri-State area. Here’s a look at who impressed us today.

Usual Suspects

Juwan Gooding Guard (Albany Dream Team)- Gooding showed me more of his point guard side today. He made a conscious effort to find teammates in transition and while penetrating. Don’t get me wrong he still scored big while averaging close to 20 points a game. His outside shot was very wet.

Chris Atkinson Guard (CP3 Elite)- Atkinson proved once again how much he could dominate a game. He got into the lane whenever he wanted and torched the defense with pull ups and floaters. He’s making a strong push as the top point guard in the region.

Trevaughn Wilkerson Forward (Team Final)- We know he can dominate on the post but Wilkerson showed some improved ball handling. He pushed the rock up the floor and few times and even made a play or two off the dribble. Developing his perimeter game is important for him before reaching high school.

Malachi Richardson Guard (Team Final)- I finally saw Richardson with his new squad and he fits in well. He has improved his quickness and athleticism. He also has added some wiggle to his game in terms of ball handling and creating space. When you combine that with his size you have a promising prospect.

On The Rise

Marcus Jackson Forward (Albany Dream Team)- Jackson has trimmed down a lot since last summer. I really like how he ran the floor and protected the basket on defense. If he continues to improve his conditioning his name will ring bells this season.

Sam Foreman Guard (Team Final)- Foreman is another name you will hear a lot about this season. He really got after it on defense and converted some explosive finishes in the open floor. Right now he needs to improve his arch and rotation on his outside shot.

Shawn Alston Forward (Team Final)- Alston is blossoming into an attractive prospect. His length allows him to finish in traffic and outstretch shot blockers. Down the road he might be one of the best players from this group.

Unique Mclean Guard (CP3)- Mclean was also impressive in his team’s victory. His leaping ability stands out and I like how he finishes with either hand. He also has supreme confidence in his jumper but it needs to add a little arch.

Randy Corporan Guard (Abyssinian Church)- Corporan made the Team Final defense work. His quickness and crossover dribble kept the defense at bay while he made good decisions. He gave the crowd a little treat with his ball handling.

Vince Jackson Guard (Above and Beyond)- I haven’t seen Jackson in while but he’s gotten better. He is transforming his game from a spot up shooter to a more complete guard by handling the ball more. Jackson displayed some dribble drive and play making ability. But if you left him open he still will drain the deep ball.

Fresh Faces

Shakur Juiston Forward (NJ Pirates)- Juiston was a pleasant surprise for the Pirates. I like his footwork and touch on the blocks. He enjoys using the turnaround baby hook to get his shot off against taller opponents. Keep an eye on this kid. His game high was 16 points.

Levi Holmes Guard (NJ Pirates)- The Pirates had a little run during their second game and Holmes was a big reason. I can see that he can shoot the pill but he also has the handle to get rid of defenders. Holmes has a quick release that he lets go with hands in his face.

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