Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Malachi "Shoota" Richardson (Trenton, NJ) Entry #6

What's Up Everybody; it's the "Shoota". This week was on and poppin. I had three exams and I got A's on all three. This also was the first time I didn't have any projects or homework to do over the weekend.

Monday I had a game with Team Final we're playing in a high school league, we lost by 4 or 5. Right now I'm happy with the chemistry we're building and not worried about the wins and losses. Both our big boys were there, this is the first time I've played on a team with 2 Biggs. Those boys hit the boards like crazy, but I had to get in there and snatch a few, they finish around the rim exceptionally well, shout out to Tim and Trey. Coach P said we have another big boy coming, so skies the limit for Team Final.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I went to my workouts and practice. They were hard but competitive and fun, especially the round robin 4 on 4. My man Q Ross always pick the young boys on his team (me and Fresh). During the 4 on 4 you only have 10 seconds to get the ball down the court and score, we be rocking going hard.

Saturday we had a game in Brooklyn (Funsport). This was the first time I played in NY in like two years. The atmosphere, the type of ball played; the swagger of the players, it's just different, I love playing there. We won in a blow out, everybody played together and played hard.

Sunday morning, I got up early to get some shots up and work on my dribbling and conditioning. I use one side of the gym and the older guys play full court on the other side. For some reason it was packed in there, it must have been 25-30 guys waiting to play. It was a lot of arguing going on, cause guys know if you lose you might not get back on the court. After I finished my workout I went to church. Before we were about to leave my older sister Brielle came out of her cave and asked what time church starts cause she was going. Me and my mom had the same look on our faces what's wrong with you, but we didn't say anything. She did make it to church late and she left before it was over, that's my sister doing her own thing and always got somewhere to go.

Sunday afternoon I went to the Eddie Griffin Challenge at TCA. It was three games, a sophomore, junior, and senior game (Philly v NJ). My boys Q. Ross and John John (Life Center Academy) played in the senior game. Q. Ross had a productive but quiet game. But John John was a problem; he did what he wanted when he wanted. I can't wait to see him play at Pitt. John John did his thing and they gave the MVP to someone else. John deserved the MVP. Philly came to Jersey and won all three games, but everybody knows Jersey is better than that.

Catch me next week!!