Saturday, October 9, 2010

Basketbull Columbus Day Classic Top Performers 12U

Jaecee Martin Played Huge Today

Basketball Spotlight traveled to Springfield, Massachusetts for the Basketbull Columbus Day Classic. Here’s a look at the top 12U performers that impressed us on Day 1.

12 U Top Performers

Jacee Martin Guard (CBC)- Martin has to be one of the top floor generals in the region. He got where he wanted on the floor and destroyed the defense with his patented low crossover. He finished off plays with sweet dimes and scoring at the tin. On defense he played the passing lanes well and stripped ball handlers.

Ismail Charles Forward (CBC)- Charles has improved from last season. He was the recipient of many passes from Martin. He stretched out for finishes and dominated the paint on both ends of the floor. He should be force to reckon with this season.

Keonte Lucas Guard (CBC)- Lucas arrived late but went right to work. His cradled the rock while in traffic and scored after absorbing contact. He was instant offense playing with his new squad.

Azar Swain Guard (CBC)- Swain also came over to this loaded squad and showed the ability to shoot the pill early on. His sweet stroke stretched the defense and gave CBC a deep threat. He fit in well with is new club.

Paul Person Guard (Hollis Biddies)- This was my first time watching Person but now I’m a fan. This kid is very slick with the basketball and showed tremendous body control while shielding defenders. He also has good range and accuracy on his outside shot. He will definitely be one to watch.

Losini Kamara Forward (Hollis Biddies)- Kamara was another fresh face from this talented bunch. He will definitely become a guard when he gets older but right now he punished the defense in the paint. He made things easy while getting put backs and showed his ball handling when pushing the rock coast to coast.

Jordan Armstrong Forward (Hollis Biddies)- Armstrong has a long wingspan for a player this age and knows how to use it. He hits the face up jumper from the midrange area while also intimidating opponents on the defensive end. Remember this name.

Julian Conover Forward (Hollis Biddies)- Conover does the dirty work inside as he clogs the lane and blocks shots. He has good touch inside the paint while possessing good basketball type length. He also will be one to keep an eye on.

Tyrese Whitaker Guard (Hollis Biddies)- Whitaker understands his job is to pass the rock and he did it well today. He got into the lane to draw the defense then he found teammates cutting or roaming the perimeter.

Chris Coalmon Forward (Juice All Stars)- This will be a name you will hear for a long time. Coalman stands 6’0 now but probably will max out about 6’8. He has a good feel for the game and runs the floor like a deer. The upside on this kid might be scary.

Tyler Bourne Guard (Juice All Stars)- The charismatic guard is a wizard ball handler and knows how to play the small ball game. He danced around the defenders and either kissed the rock of the glass or finished with a high floater. In the open floor he dazzled the crowd with no look passes.