Friday, April 1, 2016

Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 8th Grade Top Performers Part 3

Trey Hall (NY Lightning)

The Basketball Spotlight Atlantic City Showcase 8th Grade Division had some serious regional talent and here’s our third and final report. 

Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 8th Grade Top Performers Part 3 

Trey Hall Forward (NY Lightning) – Standing at 6’6 Trey is a prototypical wing forward. He can really shoot it out to the 3pt line and has a nice midrange jumper. Hall has the ability to attack the basket off the bounce from the wing or the high post and either finish or earn a trip to the free throw line where he is pretty much automatic. Trey is also a great teammate and leader as he exudes positivity regardless of the moment in the game. He might have been the top 8th grade prospect in the gym.

Posh Alexander Guard (NY Lightning) – Posh has earned a national reputation as one of the top point guards in the country. He plays hard and has a great motor paired with his athleticism equals a problem for opposing teams. Alexander can facilitate for his teammates but he is at his best when he is attack mode looking to score by getting in to the paint and finishing with floaters or getting all the way to the rim. Posh also excels in transition and you can see he is working on his long range jumper as we saw him knock down two 3 pointers in the game we watched.
Quran McPherson Guard (NY Lightning) – Quran is a combo guard that plays on the wing for the Lightning and his job is to score. He does everything good so he can gets points in a variety of ways. McPherson also can be a factor on the defensive end as he can guard positions 1 through 3.
Amir Spears Guard (NY Lightning) – Spears is a big combo guard that compliments Alexander and McPherson. The game we watched he played a lot of the game at the PG position. He seems to have a calming effect on the team as he has a great demeanor and seems to enjoy getting his teammates involved. He can also score if needed. 

Elijah Hutchins-Everett Forward (Playaz) – Standing at 6’8 Elijah is an opposing force in the paint for the Playaz. He earns his money in the paint on both ends of the floor as he finishes at a high rate around the basket and can rebound and block shots with the best of them. 

Noah Farrakhan Guard (Playaz) – Fast and super athletic Noah is like a blur in transition and he can finish with the dunk or finger roll. He is a new age scoring point guard that can handle the ball good, has a nice 3 point shot and can get into the paint anytime he wants. Defensively he can be a problem for opposing PG’s. 

CJ Wilcher Forward (Playaz) – Basketball has transitioned into a game where specialists have major roles on teams. Many players can do everything ok or a few things very good and then there are specialists that do one thing at an elite level, in comes Mr. Wilcher. CJ is a knock down 3 point shooter that opens up driving lanes, keeps defenses honest and when he makes a basket most of the time it is worth 3 versus 2. One of the best long range shooters in the country. 

Luke Kolaja Forward (Playaz) – Luke is a combo forward that can play inside or out. He has a nice mid-range jump shot and he can also attack the basket and dunk in the half court or in transition. Kolaja is a very smart player and always plays within the team concept while making the right decision on the floor when he receives the ball.