Thursday, April 14, 2016

Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 6th Grade Best Of The Best and All-Tournament Team

The Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 6th Grade Division gave us a look at a bunch of fresh faces. Here’s a look our Best Of The Best and All-Tournament Team. 

AC Showcase 6th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer: Jaden Bradley (EA CG Ballers)- Many players in the past used this event to introduce themselves to the nation and Bradley was next. The lanky lead guard showed an all-around game including scoring, passing and rebounding. The scary aspect is that he is nowhere near his full potential. We might have another budding star in this kid. 

Best Playmaker: CJ Riley (New Heights)- Riley used his playmaking ability to lead NH to the final four. He was able to breakdown the defense and get buckets for his teammates and himself. He is a rising guard to keep an eye on in the region. 

Best Floor General: Jaden Johnson (National Select)- Johnson used his leadership to guide the All Star squad to the final four. His strength makes him difficult to keep out of the lane. I also like the way he surveys the floor. 

Best Scorer: Darik Whitehead (Hilltoppers Heat)- Whitehead has the look of a top notch prospect and scores the rock with ease. He led the tournament in scoring while coming close to 30 points in one contest. He gets buckets at will. 

Best Prospect: Ronald Greene (New Heights)- Greene passes the look test and also got things done on the floor. He’s capable of playing both inside and outside effectively. We might see the next big name in the New Heights stable. 

Best Versatility: Francisco Mattei (Courtmasters Elite)- Mattei made another strong push for POY. He showed he could score inside against any competition. He one of the toughest in the region to contain in transition. 

Best Fresh Face: Jordan Marsh (EA CG Ballers)- Marsh pushed the rock in transition and ran well with Bradley. He can handle and create his own shot. I also like the flair he brings to the game. 

AC Showcase 6th Grade All-Tournament Team 
Jaden Bradley (EA CG Ballers) 
Jordan March (EA CG Ballers) 
Shane Fernald (EA CG Ballers) 
Paris Gattis (EA CG Ballers) 
Harrison Alexander (EA CG Ballers) 
Francisco Mattei (Courtmasters Elite) 
Jaquan Sanders (Courtmasters Elite) 
Lacey Howard (Courtmasters Elite) 
CJ Riley (New Heights) 
Lemar Fulmore (New Heights) 
Ronald Greene (New Heights) 
Christian Lewis (New Heights) 
Antonio Hamlin (National Select) 
Jarace Walker (National Select) 
Jaden Johnson (National Select) 
Spencer Joyner (National Select) 
Darik Whitehead (Hilltoppers Heat) 
Zion Cruz (Team IZOD) 
Marcus Gaffney (Team RIO National) 
Mason Piorkowski (Team RIO National) 
Joe Medlin (NY Rens) 
Zatai Townsend (NY Rens)