Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What Did We Learn At The AC Showcase?

The AC Showcase was a great event and we got a chance to see some of the best talent in the region. Here is what we learned from our weekend in America’s Playground. 

What Did We Learn At The AC Showcase?

B’More United Thrill Makes Statement! 
B’More United Thrill came to the AC Showcase with a chip on their shoulders. They felt like they needed to earn respect and they proved it by running the through the event. They played like a high powered squad while defeating some of the top teams in the region. They have definitely established themselves as the strongest program in Baltimore and making a run for the top spot in the DMV.

Team IZOD #1 In America! 
Team IZOD 7th Grade made things look easy at the AC Showcase. They feature some of the top players in the country. They play both ends of the floor with discipline and effectiveness. I haven’t seen every 7th Grade team in the country but it’s hard for me to imagine a squad being better than these boys. Too bad the AAU Nationals doesn’t matter as much anymore because I believe they would be the favorite to win it.

Class 2022 Players Make National Names 
Three players in the 6th Grade used the AC Showcase to make a huge splash. First we have Jaden “Lil Penny” Bradley who turned out the event. He’s one of the smoothest players to come through the Spotlight in a while. Then we had Ronald Greene from New Heights that showed enormous potential while leading New Heights to the final four. We will be watching his development the next few years. Finally we have Darik Whitehead from the Hilltoppers Heat, no other 6th Grader in this tournament put up numbers like this kid. He could be a star in the making.

Introducing Terrence Clarke 
One of the players that impressed us the most at the AC Showcase was Terrence Clarke of Expressions Elite. The lanky wing guard has the total package and looks like he has a high ceiling. I loved his feel for the game and he seems to be the next big name coming from the New England Area. He has the chance to be ranked very high in the country this fall.
WE R 1 Makes A Run 
When the schedule was released many didn’t give We R 1 a chance to make a deep run. But the Delaware based squad didn’t get the memo. They knocked off a few good teams until their run ended in the finals. This was also done with their best player who was out with an injury. I guess the word is out about this bunch now.