Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 7th Grade Best of the Best and All-Tournament Team

The Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 7th Grade Division had some of the top players in the region. Here’s a look at our Best of the Best and All-Tournament Team from the event. 

AC Showcase 7th Grade Best Of Best 

Best Performer: Trey Patterson (Team IZOD)- Patterson stepped up big in Atlantic City. The 6’7 wing forward showed his all-around game while scoring and making plays with ease. When he is clicking it’s hard to say it’s a better 7th Grader in America. 

Best Playmaker: Shane Dezonie (Team IZOD)- Dezonie’s play making ability has risen and its noticeable. He got anywhere he wanted on the floor and made Atlantic City his personal playground. His stock is on the rise. 

Best Floor General: Jayden Pierre (NY Dragons)- Pierre had a good outing with the NY Dragons. He showed confidence in his game and in his decision making. His leadership helped his squad make it to the final four. 

Best Shooter: Everton Browne (NY Dragons)- Browne proved to have a good stroke over the weekend. He had deep range and accuracy when he let it go. If you try to play zone he can stretch the defense. 

Best Fresh Face: Max Ragusa (Learners Always Win)- Rugusa made this best of his appearance in AC. He stepped up on the main floor against the eventual champion Team IZOD. He showed toughness and a unique skill level. 

Best Scorer: Jayden Brown (Team IZOD)- Brown caught fire over the weekend for Sports U. He can nail the outside shot or wiggle to the basket. He put up buckets for the NJ squad. 

Best Versatility: TJ Morris (NY Rens)- Morris is someone interesting to see and he showed it in Atlantic City. His size and athleticism to get it done on both ends of the floor. I really like this kids upside. 

AC Showcase 7th Grade All-Tournament Team 
Trey Patterson (Team IZOD) 
Shane Dezonie (Team IZOD) 
Tristan Jeffries (Team IZOD) 
Jayden Brown (Team IZOD) 
TJ Morris (NY Rens) 
Brent Bland (NY Rens) 
Sterling Jones (NY Rens) 
Jayden Pierre (NY Dragons) 
Everton Browne (NY Dragons) 
Marcus Dryer (NY Dragons) 
Jarule Biddle (NY Rens) 
Jakhi Parinello (NY Rens) 
Malique Pringle (NY Rens) 
Jalen Hammonds (Hilltoppers Heat) 
Max Rugusa (Learners Always Win)