Friday, April 8, 2016

Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 6th Grade Top Performers Part 2

CJ Riley (New Heights)

The Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 6th Grade Division featured some fresh faces and teams. Here’s part 2 of our top performers from America’s Playground. 

Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 6th Grade Top Performers Part 2 

C.J Riley Guard (New Heights) – Riley runs the New Heights team and he puts you in the mind of a Russell Westbrook PG. He has nice size and strength and can handle ball pressure with no problem. He understands how to facilitate for his teammates but he is at his best when he is looking for his own shot. He is very fast and aggressive and we saw him use retreat dribbles, finish with his left hand and knock down trey balls. He led his team to the Semifinal.

Lemar Fulmore Guard (New Heights) – Lemar is also a nice size guard that plays on the wing. We saw him drive hard to the cup and finish with either hand. He competes on the defensive end and rebounds from the guard position well. He can move over to the point for short periods but right now his main job is to score and defend and he plays his role very well.
Ronald Greene Forward (New Heights) – Right now Greene is the best prospect and go to guy on this New Heights team. He always seems to be around the ball and he had the biggest rebound to seal the game that we watched. In the future we see this kid moving from the paint to the wing. Ronald already can attack off the bounce from the wing and he knocks down his free throws at a high percentage with a nice looking stroke.
Christian Lewis Forward (New Heights) – Where Greene is more a finesse forward Lewis is the power forward. He likes to mix it up inside but he also has the ability to catch it at the high post or short corner and attack the rim off of one or two dribbles. He gets a lot of rebound put backs and isn’t afraid to do the dirty work to help his team win. Christian also has a nice stroke for the FT line.
Antonio Hamlin Forward (National Select) – Hamlin is a wing that probably had the best motor we saw all weekend and his athleticism matches the motor. He is a scoring machine as he put up big numbers all weekend. He excels at attacking the basket or finishing in transition. With great size we feel you should being hearing about this kid for years to come.
Jarace Walker Forward (National Select) – A physically opposing combo forward Walker can play inside or outside at a high level. He can grab a rebound and lead the break or be a finisher on the break. At this level Jarace is a very versatile player. When he has the ball coming at you with a full head of steam no one is stopping him getting to the basket.
Jaden Johnson Guard (National Select) – Johnson is a big throwback PG that has a high IQ and understands how to control the tempo of the game. He is a proven winner that sacrifices for the team’s sake in order to get the “W”. Jaden can score from all three levels and facilitate for his teammates. He also understands down the stretch in a tight game what play needs to be made and he is definitely an extension of the coach on the floor. 

 Spencer Joyner Guard (National Select) – Joyner is a quick shifty guard that scores in a variety of ways. He can knock down the jumper or floater and finishes well in transition. He seems to always be in attack mode and he brought additional energy to pair up with Hamlin in the up and down style that they wanted to play. He scored a game high 18 points in one of their wins.