Thursday, March 31, 2016

Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 8th Grade Top Performers Part 2

Andrew King (RIP City)

The Basketball Spotlight Atlantic City Showcase 8th Grade Division brought in some of the best talent from the East Coast. Here is Part 2 of our top performers. 

Atlantic City Showcase 8th Grade Top Performers Part 2 

Andrew King Forward (RIP City) – King is a combo forward that stands 6’6. He has a high school varsity frame with a developing game out to the 3pt line. The semifinal game we saw he hit a 3ball with a nice looking stroke, finished well around the basket and ran the floor hard and was able to get a bunch of rebound put backs. On the defensive end he excels blocking shots and rebounding the ball. He has to be one of the top Rising 9th grade prospects in the Philly area.

Kieves Turner Guard (RIP City) – Turner is a stone cold scorer. He can score from all three levels and one of his strengths is his sweet stroke from behind the arc. He has good size and strength at this level and he plays his role for the team and understands what he needs to do for his team to win which many times is to take over the game offensively.
Dapree Bryant Guard (RIP City) – Bryant is a compact strong point guard that keeps his dribble and doesn’t get in trouble on the court. He understands how to run his team and also navigate the pick and roll. Right now he loves to attack the basket and can finish with either hand. Dapree needs to work on his jumper so he can keep defenses honest.
Kareem May Guard (Brooklyn Rens) – May is a fast strong NY guard that commands respect by the defense. He navigates the court and is always looking to get a piece of the paint either to drop a dime to one of his teammates or score for himself. Kareem is a competitor and this was evident as he led his team to the Semifinal.
Myles Foster Forward (Brooklyn Rens) – Myles is a wide body big that has a nice skillset. He has soft hands and can finish around the rim. He also has a nice stroke from the FT line. Foster has a high IQ and understands what his capabilities are from the forward spot and he plays to his strengths.
Terrence Clarke Forward (Expressions) – Clarke probably was the most under the radar prospect with the most upside that we saw in the 8th Grade all weekend. He is a long wing forward that also can play point forward and seems like he is still growing. He seems to always make the right play either facilitating for a teammate or scoring a bucket and he can guard multiple positions. Terrence has a good stoke from the 3pt line and can get in the lane when he wants either to make a pass or score. Clarke has to be one of the top prospects in New England and we will be monitoring his progress.
Karl Jeannot Forward (Expressions) – Standing at 6’5 Karl is a combination of strength and athleticism. He is always ready from the drop off pass when his guards drive the lane and he finishes at a high rate. Jeannot also runs the floor really well in transition and rebounds and defends well for his squad.