Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Melton's Mailbag: Rankings, Rankings and More Rankings!

The Melton Mailbag will contain 4 questions from you the fans that we will post and answer on our page. We will pick the four questions we feel are the best. To send questions to Melton Mailbag email me at basketballspotlight@hotmail.com.

Doug From Memphis, TN Wrote: Mike I see this new team you are hyping: the Terror Squad but do you really think they are the #1 team in the country? What about Oakland Soldiers and WACG All Stars both teams played in the 6th Grade national championship last season. 

MM: Doug we are a few weeks from releasing our first team rankings and we will consider both Oakland Soldiers and WACG All Stars. Slam City Elite is new to the scene but does enter this season with a wealth of experience. But I also know that Oakland Soldiers and WACG have also retooled. So we will let you know in a few weeks.

Charles From Chicago, IL Wrote: Mike I recently checked out your Class of 2018 National Player Rankings and noticed there’s no Jordan McCabe. What is this? 

MM: Well Charles ranking players is a tough job and sometimes you are bound to have an oversight or forget to add a player which was the case with McCabe. Next time we will try to do a better job of scanning through everyone.

Terrence From Upper Marlboro, MD Wrote: Mike with the season coming soon who’s the best 8th Grade team out there? 

MM: Well Terence it’s difficult to put anyone ahead of the national champs CP3 All Stars on the national level. I hear some rumblings coming from the Ohio area and other teams making moves. Regionally DC Premier seems to have retooled while Team Takeover, Team Rio and The Rens continue to be dangerous.

Joseph From Wilmington DE Wrote: Mike a number of players in the Class of 2020 have reclassified which should effect the rankings. Who do you have as the best player? 

MM: Joseph that’s a tough question because it’s so much talent in that class. You have Shemar Morrow that has put in a tremendous body of work. Ben Todd is 6’10 and full of potential while Terrence Williams should be virtually unstoppable on this level. I’m glad I have two weeks to think about this.