Monday, October 13, 2014

Diary Of A Baller: Marquise Walker (Chicago, IL) Entry #5

Marquise Walker In Kentucky 

It's Marquise Walker with my weekly diary. 

Monday - I woke up thinking about NBA 2K15. In the morning I worked out like I am used to when I lived in Chicago. 100 push ups, 100 sit ups then my jumping workout and then running for 10 minutes listening to Childish Gambino 3005. I missed my home and my daily workout. I was surprised to be so happy to be home over fall break. My little sisters came home and I took care of them and played with them, at about 11:30 we went to get 2K15 on PS4. If you have PS4, add me at Y2KOZI. I played my dad first then I stayed up all night playing it by myself. That game is so addicting. 

Tuesday - I woke up sleepy from last night but I still did my workout. I then went and got a haircut. I played my player on 2K15 all day and then I played with my mom and sisters a lot making jokes on each other and having fun rapping. 

Wednesday - I woke up and did my workout and went back to sleep I was very sleepy. I went up to my old school Stevenson to say hi to everyone. Everyone really missed me, I was surprised. They were saying class was boring without me and how I am supposed to be fun. The teachers even missed me and I was able to get a few words with my old coach. We been through a lot in the past and I got him a lot of trophies. I went back home and played 2K15 with my broker Savion then went to sleep. 

Thursday - I woke up and did my morning workout but I ran an extra 3 minutes. I went back up to my old school and shot around for a little bit with my brother, and Pattreon and James who are my ex-teammates. I won a bet with my teacher because he didn't believe I was moving and I got some Jimmy Johns. Got back home and played more 2K with my brother. My dad had a friend in town from college so he cooked tonight. He cooked baked chicken, greens and his famous homemade mac and cheese. His mac and cheese is the best. 

Friday - I woke up, did my workout and went with my uncle, Handy, to go play at a gym with the grownups. My cousin Pierre was there. He plays overseas. He was very tough competition but he made me better. Afterwards, I chilled with my uncle Handy and cousin Dionte. When I got home I stayed up all night playing 2K. 

Saturday - I woke up late from playing 2K all night, but I still did my workout. In the afternoon I went with my family to my little cousin London birthday party. She turned 4. They had a lot of good food and treats, and a lot of games for the kids to play. The party was in a gym so I got to fool around a lil bit on the court. 

Sunday - I came back to Kentucky as we start school on Monday for the 2nd nine weeks. My mother came with me, it was fun, amazing. We flew into Louisville and drove to Bowling Green We ate cracker Barrel for lunch. My mom got to see Bowling Green for the first time and she went to the mall. In the evening I went to open gym and did really well. We start practice this week to get ready for the regular season.