Monday, October 6, 2014

Diary Of A Baller: Marquise Walker (Chicago, IL) Entry #4

Marquise Walker Newspaper Article


It’s Marquise Walker and here’s my weekly diary. 

Monday - I'm still in Kentucky at South Warren Middle School. I went to school and right after I worked out with the team. We lifted weights, which I don't do and ran. Our running is very hard because we go on the track and run 400' and 100's. It’s tough but it keeps my conditioning up. 

Tuesday - I was sick when I woke up and I made it to school late. It was lunchtime when I got there. I couldn't even eat I felt so bad. I still mustered up the energy to work out with the team after school. But when I got home I did my homework and fell asleep early. 

Wednesday - I feel much better today and made it to school on time. After school I went to the gym for workouts with the team but they were cancelled. I still got some shots up in the empty gym and worked on my game. 

Thursday - I went to school today and we had final exams for our quarter. I've only been in school two weeks but my lowest score was an 82% so I did pretty good on my exams. Today was the last day of conditioning for the basketball team. We had to run 20 100's. We worked hard and it was tough but we got it done. I've never did so much running in my life. 

Friday - Today was the last day of school for fall break. Afterschool the varsity team scrimmaged and I played. We had a lot of fun. We have some really good players on our team. Playing for high school is a lot tougher because the players are faster and you can get dunked on. I can't get away with a lot of dribbling and showboating so I'm learning to play simple basketball and that's what coach has been telling me to do. I fly home to Chicago today to see my family. I'm home in Chicago for a week. When I got home I saw the newspaper in Chicago and I was in it. My dad didn't even tell me but he told everybody else. He had like 100 papers in the house. He told me he didn't tell me because he doesn't want me get caught up reading about myself but just keep making the news and not reading it about myself. 

Saturday - Today I hung out with my family. My younger sister and brother had cross-fit so I went with them to the park district. We talked a lot about Kentucky and how it was different from Chicago. I watched my baby sisters who are 4 and 1 while my mom and dad went to the movies. Morghan and Paige are a handful. They tear up everything. The 1 year old Paige lost my dads car keys. When my mom and dad got home I went to the movies with my friends. 

Sunday - I went to church today. I went early and was in the bible study group. Service was good and I always thank God for my gift to play basketball. I hung with my family the rest of the day. We watched football and my dad's friends all came over and they wished me well. 

See You Guys Next Week. Marquise Walker