Monday, October 20, 2014

Diary Of A Baller: Marquise Walker (Chicago, IL) Entry #6

Marquise Walker and Coach Breeze

Wassup its Marquise Walker with my weekly diary. 

On Monday I just got back home in Kentucky from a nice and wonderful visit from my family. I went to school and it was the usual, nothing different. I was really tired from last night I had to finish my diary for last week. Then after school I went off to practice and it was really good, we ran a lot which is good to stay in shape. We did a whole lot of defensive work. Coach Breeze also coaches with W.A.C.G the 2019 team and he believes that defense wins championships. I went home and did my homework, played my Xbox, and I went to bed. 

The next day I woke up got ready and felt much better this morning. I went to school and talked to a couple of my friends before school. Then we went to school, I turned in all my homework and saw my test and my lowest grade was an 87% B+ which is really good since I just enrolled. We were supposed to practice after school but it rained a lot and the football team had to move into the gym for their practice so we had to cancel. The football team at South Warren is ranked #1 in the state and is 9-0 this season. After school I went home for a while and came back to school to work out with my bro Jordan, Cannon who is a freshman and Coach Breeze. We did a lot of dribbling drills and we did some shooting on “The Gun”. Then I went to the soccer game which we won. Afterwards I went home and fell asleep. 

Wednesday I took a shower in the morning because I fell asleep the day before. Today was try-outs for the high school team. I went to school but I was thinking about the try-outs the whole time. After school I went to try-out and I did really well. And I hoped the next day I made the team. We played pickup for tryouts, there was like 45 kids there. Coach made us run a lot at the end of the tryouts for not sprinting up the floor hard enough during pickup. I went home and went to sleep thinking about how my try-out went. I woke up and got ready and left for school. I finished my project in my social studies class. 

Thursday after school, I came home and did some homework before going back to the high school for basketball practice that night. This was the last day of tryouts but today we actually had a practice and not pickup. I played really good defense and created for my teammates in practice. We have a bunch of great shooters that stretch the floor and give me room to operate. After practice I went to the soccer game, it was the district championship. We lost to Bowling Green but will have a chance to play them again next week at regionals. I actually like soccer a lot; it is my secret favorite sport after football. 

Friday after school everyone met with Coach individually about if they made the team or not and their roles on the team. I didn't go alone; Coach brought me and Dayton Gumm (junior PG / SG) in to meet with him. Coach told us we are the backcourt and we have to control the games and he expects us to be the best backcourt in the region this year and state next year. I was so excited to hear that I made the team. Afterwards I went home for a little while and did my homework and got a shower before going to the high school football game. Our team beat Monroe County to win the regular season district title; we were up 28-0 about 10 minutes into the game. 

On Saturday I just chilled all day. I relaxed and played X-box and Playstation before going to the gym with coach and another guard, Jordan (senior). We did some ball handling drills but we also did a lot more shooting, game shots. Jordan works really hard and I have to keep my intensity up to work with him. Practicing in our gym that night was an ABA team; I think I could get out there and play with them guys today. Then I got home played my PS4 and then I got on my phone for a while before falling asleep. 

On Sunday we had practice at 2:30. We practiced from about 2:30-5:15. We worked on various defensive schemes for about two hours of the practice. At the end we did offense and we are getting better on both ends but we are getting really good on defense. I did really good today causing turnovers, protecting the ball, finding my teammates and scoring without taking bad shots. I went in early before practice and got a bunch of shots up on the gun. I went home, ate Dairy Queen, played my PS4 and did some good night.

See You Guys Next Week
Marquise Walker