Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fan Poll: Who's The #1 Player In The Class Of 2019 (Cast Your Vote)

Next week Basketball Spotlight will release our Class of 2019 National Rankings. The big question is who will end up at the #1 slot. We have the Top 7 candidates listed below and describe why they have a shot at the #1 spot in America. Cast Your Vote

Class Of 2019 Super 7 

Wendell Moore Forward (North Carolina) 
Case: We have to start with the reigning #1 player. The versatile forward led his team to another national championship while impacting the game greatly. This past season he showed true growth in his game while even playing the point guard position. When he’s on his game he’s one of the best stat stuffers in America. 

Jared Jones Forward (Florida) 
Case: Standing 6’8 with fluid motion makes Jones one of the most intriguing prospects in America. He puts the rock on the floor, makes moves facing the basket, has a decent post game and runs the floor like gazelle. When you throw in a tremendous upside you might have the number #1 player in the land. 

Rowan Barrett Guard (Canada) 
Case: Can an international player top our list? If so then Barrett would be the choice. When I watched him in DC last season he reminded me of a young Tracy McGrady. He has the size and moves of a certified stud and the live legs that complete the package. He looks to be the next in line of the Canadian invasion. 

Tyger Campbell Guard (Iowa) 
Case: It’s rare for a guard to be #1 in America but Campbell is not a regular player. He’s by far the most exciting 7th guard in the United States. Tyger has been dazzling crowds and killing opponents throughout the country. He even gave the East Coast a taste as he put on a show at the Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase. 

Balsa Kopriva Forward (Florida) 
Case: After being a little secret in 6th Grade Balsa burst unto the national scene last season. The 6’10 forward has already drawn comparisons to Dirk Nowitzki and a proven commodity on the floor. He’s very efficient on the post and can score from all three levels. He doesn’t have to grow another inch to be a sought after prospect. 

Chandler Lawson Forward (Tennessee) 
Case: Size, game and pedigree makes this youngster a very good looking prospect. His perimeter skills are developing and he’s beginning to understand how good he really his. I look for him to have a serious breakout season and try to separate himself from the pack. His two older brothers were also highly touted and will attend the University Of Memphis. 

Keion Brooks Guard (Indiana) 
Case: Brooks play as of late lets us throw his hat in the ring. He seems to get longer and more confident each time he steps on the floor. His length is a huge plus as he looks down on most defenders while either passing or scoring. If he continues to grow he has a chance to a Jayson Tatum type down the road. 

Cast Your Vote In The Right Column and Tune In Next Week To See If You Were Correct When We Release Our Class Of 2019 National Rankings.