Monday, November 4, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Myles Dread (Burtonsville, MD) Entry #9

Myles Dread Enjoying Seafood

Dear Basketball World, 

This week was a fun week in the Dread household. I returned to my regular workouts this week. I am still experiencing some knee pain, but it was good to get back at it. The workouts were pretty intense, but it felt good to push myself and sweat again. We had practice on Halloween night, so there were no treats and coach had a few tricks up his sleeve. I had to take a timeout at practice because I fell and the knee pain was too much. I came back in after about 30 minutes and was able scrimmage for the rest of practice. I got kicked in my knee during the scrimmage, but I was able to play through that pain. 

My birthday was November 3, Sunday, but we started the celebration after practice on Saturday. A couple of my teammates came home with me after practice. We went to the St. John's-Gonzaga Football game on Saturday afternoon. This is the oldest Catholic school rivalry in the country. The game was competitive, but St. John's pulled away and didn't look back. It was fun to spend time with my teammates away from basketball. I saw several other friends at the game, including some of St. John's basketball players that I met on my shadow visit 2 weeks ago. 

After the game there was a pizza party back at my house and then we went to see 'Bad Grandpa' at the movies. We chilled out at my house with a sleepover, but nothing too late since we had practice at 9 a.m. Sunday afternoon I had my birthday dinner at Joe's Crab Shack with my family and my Nana. I ate two Lobster Daddy Feast buckets. It was GOOD! 

There was one exception to a fun-filled week. My Great Grandfather died on Friday. My parents and I will be traveling to Detroit next week for the memorial service. This is my first experience with the death of a relative that I was close to. We called my Great Grandfather 'Big Daddy' because he was a big man, he had a big voice, and he had a big heart. I will miss him. 

Until next week,
Myles Dread