Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Top Performers:Part 2

Jermaine Samuels (CBC)  

The 8th Grade Division at the Tip Off Classic gave us some great moments. The talent was thick and here’s our second group of top performers. 

Tip Off Classic Top Performers (8th Grade Part 2) 

Jermaine Samuels Forward (CBC)- Samuels was a problem all weekend. It’s difficult for most forwards to guard him because he runs the floor so well. He constantly beat his opponent down the floor and paid dividends with buckets. I also see that he’s trying to extend his game to the perimeter. This is still a work in progress but it’s definitely a move in the right direction.
Chaylyn Martin Guard (CBC)- No offensive player is safe when the “Black Widow” in the building. He’s the perimeter leader of CBC stingy defense. Offensively he had his moments while helping the “Money Team” claim the crown. I’ve actually had the joy of watching this kid’s game develop right in front of my eyes.
Anthony McNish Forward (CIA Bounce)- McNish tried to tear down the rims at Hoop Group Headquarters. The athletic put on an air show including a 360 degree dunk. Anthony his tough to stop on this level because he’s built like a linebacker but has the gracefulness of a wide receiver.
Quinton Drayton Guard (Team Takeover)- Don’t be surprised if Drayton ends up being one of the top prospects from this program. He has a fluid perimeter game and a natural feel. Like everyone on this level he still has some kinks to workout but his ceiling seems to be very high.
Evan Logino Forward (Team Final)- The bruising forward used his southpaw style to make some things happen. He can actually put the rock on the floor a little in traffic. Reminds me of a young Othella Harrington. He’s another good pick up for this group.
Chris Lykes Guard (DC Assault)- Lykes handle is ridiculous in a good way. He is able to get anywhere he wants on the floor while killing the competition with mid range pull ups. He dribbles the rock so low to the ground it’s almost impossible to rip him.
Patrick Stryzala Forward (Team IZOD)- Team IZOD wasn’t fluid this weekend without the point guard but Patrick made the most of his Spotlight appearance. The forward averaged a double-double including about 18 points a contest. We expect him to be extremely hard to guard this year.