Monday, December 10, 2012

Diary Of A Baller: Lucas Hudson (Center Valley, PA) Entry #11

Lucas and Henry Fairfax (Haverford School)  

Hello basketball world. I’m back to tell you guys about my week. 

On Monday and Tuesday I had a lot of studying to do and I had no practices. So the first two days of the week were pretty much a break for me, with a few ball handling workouts. 

On Wednesday I shadowed at The Haverford School. I really had a great time learning more about this school and the education they provide there is fantastic. After the school day, I watched Haverford play their first game of the season against The Shipley School. It was cool to see two of the schools that have a lot of interest in me play against each other. Both teams played pretty well. And I was able to get to know how each coach runs their team. My Mom jokingly told the coaches that whoever wins the game would be my choice of school. I wish it were that easy. Trying to decide where to attend high school next year is really hard. There are so many good schools and the coaches I have met are fantastic. My family and I will continue to pray as to where I should go next year. 

 This week we started practice for my school team at Lehigh Christian Academy. The other four starters from last year’s undefeated team have graduated and my Coach, Miss P, will have to do her best coaching to get the same results. Although my classmates are not ballers, it is a lot of fun to play with them and represent the school. I just have a lot of fun trying to get everyone involved in the game. 

On Friday my school had our Christmas concert. And I got to play the drums with some of my 8th grade friends. It was really fun and we had a great time. The funniest part of the night is when I walked in our school with 2 gold chains on (costume jewelry my mom bought). I wore them because some of my classmates dared me to dress like 2 Chainz on that night. So I wore two chains. My classmates really like it. LOL! 

On Saturday I had Team Final practice at Life Center Academy. Coach Orlando reviewed last week’s tournament with us. Coach O has all of our games videotaped and he takes a lot of time to study the tapes and review with us the parts of our games that need improvement. I must admit that I do not like to hear the bad parts, but I know that these reviews will make me and my teammates better players. Other than that we got up a ton of shots by using a shooting gun. I love to use the shooting gun. We also got in a lot of drills that will help our execution on offense and defense and then we ended the practice with some major conditioning. 

On Sunday I got up and went to church. We had a guest pastor and his message was great. I found out that this pastor is also the Team Chaplain for the New York Mets Baseball team which is really cool. 

This Christmas we put up a very small artificial tree. We decided that we wouldn’t put up our large artificial tree because we wanted to remember those who will not be able to have a “real” Christmas in their own homes this year because of Hurricane Sandy. We are praying that these people who lost so much can still be with their family and friends on Christmas and that by next Christmas they can be in their new or repaired homes. 

Until next week: stay humble and keep working hard, and give God the glory!