Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Inside The Tip Off Classic 5th Grade: Choz Bite Competition

Gauchos Keep Tradition Alive  

Gauchos Return To Glory!
The Gauchos knocked off Team Glory to win the 5th Grade Tip Off Championship. Some thought the Choz program was in trouble after last year. But this youth movement sends a message that the Choz aren’t going anywhere. They will be around for a while. 

Tip Off Classic All Tournament Team 
Rodney Bailey (Gauchos) 
Robert Davis Jr. (Gauchos) 
Daniel Nixon (Gauchos) 
Damorcos Wotson (Gauchos) 
Dominguez Stevens (Team Glory) 
Jomo Goings (Team Glory) 
Darius Miles (Team Glory) 
Zion Harmon (Team Glory) 
Zahree Harrison (Team Phenom) 
Glenn Sabb (Team Phenom) 
Dymire Baez (Team Phenom) 
Richie Greaves (CJ Hawks) 
Joe Manfredi (CJ Hawks) 
Malcolm Britt (CJ Hawks)