Thursday, December 27, 2012

Basketball Spotlight 7th Grade 1st Quarter Report

Supreme Team Appears To Be The Squad 

 The 7th Grade Division of the Spotlight circuit is total fire. It’s filled from top to bottom with top teams and talent. Here’s our 1st Quarter report. 

7th Grade 1st Quarter Report 

Team To Beat: Team IZOD 
During the Tip Off Classic the “Supreme Team” proved they could handle the pressure and expectations. Now they are in the driver’s seat towards the Grand Finale but beware because many teams will be trying to knock them off course. 

Surprise Team: Playtime Panthers 
Their final four run at the Tip Off Classic proves this squad is a real title contender. They have improved in the backcourt and added some size. They remain a dangerous team and should be a lock for the Grand Finale. 

M.I.A. Team: DC Assault 
Everyone is wondering what the National Champs are bringing to the table. Word is they won’t be in action until March, if so they will have some catching up to do to get back into the zone of other squads. 

Darkhorse: Wall 2 Wall 
Something tells me this is not a team anyone would want to draw at the Grand Finale. Hopefully their recent success doesn’t slowdown their hunger as the underdog. Keep that Clubber Lane swagger going! 

Player Of The Year Leader: Javon Quinerly (Team IZOD) 
Quinerly rocked the Tip Off Classic while leading Team IZOD to the crown. The combo guard confidence is through the roof and he seems unstoppable when trying to get into the lane. In transition he was a total monster. Hopefully he can keep this good play going.