Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tip Off Classic 6th Grade Top Performers: Part 3

Jahmir Young (ETU Select)  

The Tip Off Classic 6th Grade Division took place at Georgian Court University but Basketball Spotlight scout Randy D. Smith was in the building. Here’s his final report from the 6th Grade level. 

Tip Off Classic 6th Grade Top Performers Part 3 

Jahmir Young Guard (ETU Select)- Excellent on or off the ball, this young dynamic point guard has everything it takes to get the job done. It will be no time before he becomes a house hold name. 

Carlo Joyner Forward (Brooklyn Kings)- Joyner was a rebound machine this weekend. He’s far physically superior than the opponents he faced. He carved out room in the paint and gobbled up rebounds like Pac Man ate power pellets. Reminds me of a young Reggie Evans that can finish around the rim. 

Khalid Mayo Guard (Brooklyn Kings)- Mayo is what each team needs. He can be a point guard, scoring guard or a rebounder. He’s like the perfect condiment on any sandwich. Just add the mayo and it makes everything better. 

Posh Alexander Guard (Brooklyn Kings)- The classic NYC point guard can dribble through NYC traffic with the president in town. He’s fearless going to the cup with the upper body strength to finish over bigger defenders. 

Bryce Wills Guard (Riverside Hawks)- Wills as the wingspan of someone that is about 6’5 and scores from anywhere on the floor. On defense he lived in the passing lanes. Once this kids body catches up with his BBIQ it’s going to be lights out. 

Joel Brown Guard (CIA Bounce)-Brown is dynamic with the ball in his hands. This versatile guard can get it done from both guard positions. He possesses good court vision and an outside shot to compliment. When you think of Canadian basketball Steve Nash usually comes to mind but Joel Brown might be the name of the future. 

Tah Jai Watters Guard (CIA Bounce)- Watters is a fast paced guard who pushes the tempo as well as his team. He motivates his teammates with his hard play. He’s a fearless penetrator that can get himself going or make life easier for his teammates.