Monday, December 24, 2012

Diary Of A Baller: Nate "The Great" Pierre Louis (Plainfield, NJ) Entry #1

Nate At Barclay Center Getting Ready 

Hello basketball world my name is Nate Pierre-Louis and this is my very first journal entry and I'm very excited to be a part of the Diary Of A Baller on Bballspotlight. 

This week was a very tough week. I am going to start from Sunday. Sunday was a great day but tough at the same time. We played the quarter-finals and the semi-finals in the same day. First we beat New Heights. It was a really fun game. Then we played PYO (Philadelphia Youth Organization). That was a really tough game, very physical but fun game. We pulled it out at the end. We beat them to go to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York on Sunday. It was a great birthday gift. 

Monday was a tough day. I had to wake up so early to go to school after playing 2 games the day before. I was proud at myself, but tired at the same time. 

Tuesday was a usual day. It was a regular day at school. I was looking forward to Spanish class but my Spanish teacher was out because she was sick. That mean our test was canceled and i studied the last three days! After school I had to hurry up and go home and get ready for my Christmas concert. My class sung "Beautiful Christmas" by Big time rush. I know what you’re thinking Big Time Rush really? I was thinking the same thing before I sang it. It was an awesome day. 

Wednesday was a really long day. I had my math block schedule. I wasn't really looking forward to that because I had a test and I really didn't understand the material. Then we go into class then he said "test on Thursday" I'm like what in the world. Let's get off that subject and skip to practice. Practice was so crazy. Our coach was running late so I had to be a leader and do the stretches and stuff. I stayed after practice and worked out and left the gym super late. I love doing that. 

Thursday was so fun. School was great. I took my reading, math and science test in one day. That was the difficult part of my day. I went Christmas shopping for my friends and family and had to rush home because Joshua had to go to practice. But the best part of my day was when I was home by myself, talking on the phone and playing my career on 2k13 for like two hours. I have to chill out and that's something that I don't do often. 

Friday was a really fun day. I got to hang out with my friends the entire day at school. It was a half a day. I really enjoyed school. Now back to the basketball part. Joshua, Christian and I had a game at Pope John in West Orange, New Jersey. My brother Joshua won his 5/6 game and he also plays with me on the 7th and 8th grade team. Christian (my youngest brother) plays with Joshua on the 5th and 6th grade team. By the way he is only in 2nd grade. Let’s get back to the subject. I had a triple double in two quarters. We blew the team out. It was fun playing with my brother and friends. 

Saturday I had to wake up at 6:00 am to go for a workout at 7:30 with my father. It is the breakfast club. It was really intense. I love working out in the mornings. My father wakes me up in the car because I'm still half asleep. He always keeps me motivated to reach my destination and my ultimate goal. After my workout we had to take Christian to his game. He plays up with the 3rd and 4th grade team. I kept the score and met up with some friends at the game. My little brother was killing. Even though he didn't shoot the ball well, he was so dominate as a 2nd grader. That game was so intense. It went all the way to the last second. I felt so bad. Christian missed the game tying bucket. The crazy thing he acted like nothing happened. I could never do that. After all this we went Joshua's practice. He had a tough practice working hard. After that I went to see my grandfather all the way in Long Island before Christmas. I was so tired. 

Sunday I woke to birthday punches waiting for me. I was excited to play at the Barclays Center for the championship game! We went to I hope to celebrate my birthday. Then after that we went to Brooklyn to go to the Barclays. It was a smooth ride. I was anxious. We got to meet the 76ers players like Spencer Hawes, Nick Young and Jrue Holiday. We took pictures with the dancers and actually went on the court during the national anthem. I stood in front of Jrue Holiday. I was so happy. We all went up in the stands and watched the game. Ok now GAME TIME. We played CBC. It was a good game in the first 3 quarters then they just went on a crazy run. I was so mad at myself. I missed some easy shots that I usually make. I just want to congratulate Jaecee Martin and the whole CBC family and organization on the win. After the game I went to Applebees with my family. I was so mad that they took my favorite desert the Blondie off the menu. I had a great night with the family and looking forward to tomorrow. I will see my family in North Carolina for Christmas. 

Peace basketball world. Nate is out over. Hope you all have a great Christmas!