Friday, December 28, 2012

Basketball Spotlight 8th Grade 1st Quarter Report

Money Team Leads The Pack 

The 8th Grade Division of the Spotlight circuit has to be one of the best in America. It really doesn’t get any better than this. Here’s our 1st Quarter report. 

8th Grade 1st Quarter Report 

Team To Beat: CBC 
The “Money Team” proved they are the best by winning the Tip Off Classic and Funsport Jr. Pros. They have been collecting trophies all year now they will be looking to win that Grand Finale banner to hang in their gym. 

Surprise Team: Playaz Basketball Club 
No one knew what to expect from PBC but they showed it should be another good year by making it to the final four of the Tip Off Classic and championship of the Friars Classic. Now they must keep the momentum going. 

M.I.A. Team: Team Scan 
We thought TS would make their Spotlight debut at the Tip Off Classic. We really wanted to get a look at Mr. Waters and company. Hopefully we will see them soon. 

Darkhorse: Team Final 
TF got off to a tough start at the Tip Off Classic but something tells me they will still find their to their way to the Grand Finale. They are the defending champs and never count out the heart of a champion. 

Player Of The Year Leader: Jermaine Samuels (CBC) 
“The Terminator” lit up the Tip Off Classic and is a viable candidate but Samuels has been consistent this early season and doesn’t seem to show signs of slowing up. Winning is a component in our Player Of The Year equation so Samuels definitely has the leg up right now.