Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One on One Feat: Sonny Lorenzo

When your life is being viewed on television (Gotti’s Way) it can be a bit much for any 12 year old to handle, but when you shoot halftime baskets with Kobe Bryant and receive the new Lebrons from “The King” himself the attention can become normal. Sonny Lorenzo is a straight A student during the week and a guard for the Westchester Hawks on the weekends. Basketball Spotlight reached out to him to find out how the season is going and how is it being the son of a celebrity.

BS: How is the season going with the Westchester Hawks?
SL: Well, we are doing good. We’ve been together over a year and all the players have good relationships on and off the floor.

BS: What are some of the big tournaments you guys have played in?
SL: We just came back from Florida and we beat the #1 team from Florida but we lost in the championship to another team by 3. I think it was kind of an upset because we were better than them and just didn’t play well.

BS: Well you guys have a big match up against the Gauchos coming up at the Metropolitan AAU Regionals, what do you think about your chances?
SL: I think our four guards Naim, Cheddi, Isiah and I might be enough to help us knock them off and win the title. Then when you add our big man Mycheen I like our chances.

BS: Who are some of the basketball people involved in your life?
SL: My trainer Jerry Powell is like family and he pushes me hard. He does yells at me but I know it’s for the best. Also my coach Rasoul from the Westchester Hawks.

BS: What are the strengths and weaknesses of your game?
SL: I think one of my strong points is my outside shooting but I need to get stronger and improve my defensive footwork.

BS: With so much going on in your life, how do you balance your time?
SL: Well, after school I go to tutoring where I get my homework done and then my dad’s driver Marcus comes and picks me up. Then he drives me to Jerry’s so we can work out.

BS: We are the pros and cons of being a basketball player and Irv Gotti’s son?
SL: One pro is that I have a lot of connections in basketball and life but the con is that all the players want to come after me because he’s my dad and they think I have everything.

BS: What is your ultimate basketball goal?
SL: To make it to the NBA and become one of the greatest that’s why I work so hard.

BS: Okay Sonny nice talking to you.
SL: Thank You and I would like to say what’s up to all my Westchester Hawk teammates. I had to mention my boys.