Saturday, May 9, 2009

NJ AAU 11 and Under Recap: Team Battle Storms Past King Street Kings

Team Battle Repeats As Champs

Jamir Harris and Darius Gillon scored 12 points apiece has Team Battle stormed past King Street Kings 46-20 to win the NJ AAU 11 and Under crown. Nate Pierre Louis scored 6 points for KSK in the loss.

Spotlight Players

Darius Gillon Forward (Team Battle)- Gillon impacts the game under the boards on both ends of the floor. He snatched over 20 rebounds today and even scored a couple of baskets inside. He’s still in the development stage but each tournament he seems to be getting better and taller. I also saw an aggressive attitude which is good for a young post player.

Jamir Harris Forward (Team Battle)- Harris also stepped up on the glass and in the scoring column. He grabbed several weak side rebounds and punished the smaller KSK players with tough finishes in transition. On defense he got his hands on a few passes while playing zone and made things very hard for KSK to score inside.

Jagan Mosley Guard (Team Battle)- Mosley held high scoring forward Gilberto Cue to 4 points in the finals. He constantly denied him the rock and followed him everywhere on the floor. His defensive effort took the offensive punch out of KSK.

LeAndre Washington Guard (Team Battle)- Washington logged big minutes today by attacking the basket from the point position. He got teammates involved and also squeezed off a couple of buckets. He seems to have grown more comfortable with his role on this powerful squad.

Tyus Battle Guard (Team Battle)- Battle’s jumper wasn’t falling today but he did other things like hit the glass, dish the rock and block a few shots to help his squad get the win. His presence is always felt on the floor and today his teammates held it down.

Nate Pierre Louis Guard (KSK)- I like some of the tools in this youngster. In the semifinals he showed a lot of heart and wanted the ball in clutch situations. He likes to shoot a high arching trey and a floater in the lane.

George Pena Guard (KSK)- I finally saw Pena in his new uniform. In the semifinals he made a few things happen by hitting the gaps in the defense. He also showed the toughness that he is known for but I also see that he’s still getting use to his new team and style of play.

Josh Golstern Forward (KSK)- Goldstern made some key plays in the semifinals. He hit the boards to grab a few caroms and made a couple of put backs. He has good touch and toughness.