Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Jordan Forehand Entry #13

What's up basketball world. It's your boy Jordan. My school year at Rutgers Prep will be over next week. I have four more academic days of school left. I am completing my 20th Century Final Project, after that, school is pretty much a wrap! On June 1st, the class is going on a school trip to the Amish Country for 4 days.

My 14U New Jersey Shore Shot team played in the Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic. This event is one of the biggest for rising 8th graders. Though I truly wanted to play in this event, I was not able to due to the fact that I play on multiple teams and both teams were playing this weekend. It was my 15u team, Sports University's, turn this weekend. I heard from my coach, Adam Turner, that the team played well. I knew that they would. Coach Adam will be away at basketball camp (Hoop Group Skills Camp) throughout the summer, so for this tournament and the rest of the summer, we will be coached by Yonah Greenstein. I want to give a shout out to the team Jimbo, Conner, Garrett, Brandon, PJ, Andrew Robbie Rob and Austin. Thanks Coach Adam for all that you taught me this year.

This tournament was hosted by Mike Melton. Mike started Basketball Spotlight which has allowed many players the opportunity to be exposed. Opportunities that they would not have got anywhere else. Mike gives a tremendous amount of his time towards this program. For myself and the many other players who have been mentioned on the web site, I would like to say thank you for everything that you have done.

My 15U team, Sports University/Team IZOD, played in the Gym Rats tournament. We went 2-1 in our bracket, but did not advance based on the rules of the tournament. We were all pretty upset, but we all knew that we should not have lost the game that we lost. Not taking anything away from the team that beat us, but we felt that we did not play at our best. Another lesson learned. I also got a chance to play with the 16U team. Our 16U and 17U teams both made it to the championship, but unfortunately did not bring home the chip. The team and I had a good time together on the trip. Shout out to my boy's Joshua, Neville, Matt J, Matt R, Tata, Hanif, Rodney, Dilapso, Michael, Luke, Jay, Jerome and Brandon. Next time...the CHIP! Thanks go out to Ed Bright and the Sports U coaching staff.

As for my choice of high school...here's a clue...the school requires a dress code!